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1000000063203Live Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and SuppliesAnimalsThis segment includes live, wild and domesticated, seeds and plants and animals. This segment also includes materials and equipment used in the care, containment and feeding of live plants and animals.
1010000063203Live animalsAnimals
1011000063206Domestic pet productsFarm,Ranch,Nursery Supplies
1012000063206Animal feedFarm,Ranch,Nursery Supplies
1013000063206Animal containment and habitatsFarm,Ranch,Nursery Supplies
1014000063206Saddlery and harness goodsFarm,Ranch,Nursery Supplies
1015000063205Seeds and bulbs and seedlings and cuttingsPlants
1016000063205Floriculture and silviculture productsPlants
1017000063206Fertilizers and plant nutrients and herbicidesFarm,Ranch,Nursery Supplies
1019000063206Pest control productsFarm,Ranch,Nursery Supplies
1020000063205Live rose bushesPlantsLive bushes including the roots of roses.
1021000063205Live plants of high species or variety count flowersPlantsLive plants including the root ball of flower types with more than 5 varieties registered with unspsc.
1022000063205Live plants of low species or variety count flowersPlantsLive plant including the root ball of flower types with less than 5 varieties registered with unspsc.
1023000063205Live chrysanthemumsPlantsLive plants including the root ball of chrysanthemums.
1024000063205Live carnationsPlantsLive plants including the root ball of the carnation.
1025000063205Live orchidsPlantsLive plants including the root ball of the orchid.
1030000067108Fresh cut roseFlowersFresh cut blooms of roses.
1031000067108Fresh cut blooms of high species or variety count flowersFlowersFresh cut blooms of flower types with more than 5 varieties registered with unspsc.
1032000067108Fresh cut blooms of low species or variety count flowersFlowersFresh cut bloom of flower types with less than 5 varieties registered with unspsc.
1033000067108Fresh cut chrysanthemumsFlowersFresh cut blooms of chrysanthemums.
1034000067108Fresh cut floral bouquetsFlowersAn arrangement of various types of fresh cut flowers and greens.
1035000067108Fresh cut carnationsFlowersFresh cut blooms of carnations.
1036000067108Fresh cut orchidsFlowersFresh cut blooms of orchids.
1040000067108Dried cut rosesFlowersDried cut blooms of roses.
1041000067108Dried cut blooms of high species or variety count flowersFlowersDried cut blooms of flower types with more than 5 varieties registered with unspsc.
1042000067108Dried cut blooms of low species or variety count flowersFlowersDried cut bloom of flower types with less than 5 varieties registered with unspsc.
1043000067108Dried cut chrysanthemumsFlowersDried cut blooms of chrysanthemums.
1044000067108Dried cut carnationsFlowersDried cut blooms of carnations.
1045000067108Dried cut orchidsFlowersDried cut blooms of orchids.
1050000067108Fresh cut greeneryFlowersParts of various plants that have been cut to provide contrast to flowers in various floral arrangements.
1100000063001Mineral and Textile and Inedible Plant and Animal MaterialsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesThis segment includes unprocessed materials such as stone, soil and ores, refined base or precious metals, inedible plant, forestry and animal materials as well as natural or synthetic fibers and cloth, leather and animal skins, scrap and waste materials.
1110000063005Minerals and ores and metalsChemicals & Gases
1110160063005OresChemicals & Gases
1110160363005Uranium oreChemicals & Gases
1110161563005Cobalt oreChemicals & Gases
1111000063005Earth and stoneChemicals & Gases
1112000063205Non edible plant and forestry productsPlants
1113000063203Non edible animal productsAnimals
1114000063005Scrap and waste materialsChemicals & Gases
1115000063009Fibers and threads and yarnsConsumable Supplies Fabric
1116000063009Fabrics and leather materialsConsumable Supplies Fabric
1117000063005AlloysChemicals & GasesAn alloy is the result of a manufacturing process from at least two metals.
1117210063005Cobalt based super alloysChemicals & Gases
1118000063005Metal oxideChemicals & GasesMetal oxides are used as raw material for the manufacturing of alloys. They are a binary compound of oxygen with an atom or radical, or a compound which is regarded as binary; as, iron oxide, ethyl oxide, nitrogen oxide, etc.
1119000063005Metal waste scrap and by productsChemicals & GasesIncludes waste and recycled materials, scrap and by-products generated by the production of metal products in metallurgical industries
1200000063005Chemicals including Bio Chemicals and Gas MaterialsChemicals & GasesThis segment includes inorganic and organic chemicals and compounds in solid, liquid or gaseous form used in an industrial or manufacturing process.
1213000063005Explosive materialsChemicals & Gases
1213150063005ExplosivesChemicals & Gases
1213160063005PyrotechnicsChemicals & Gases
1213170063005IgnitersChemicals & Gases
1213180063005PropellantsChemicals & Gases
1214000063005Elements and gasesChemicals & Gases
1214150063005Earth metalsChemicals & Gases
1214160063005Rare earth metalsChemicals & Gases
1214170063005Transition metalsChemicals & Gases
1214171063005Cobalt CoChemicals & Gases
1214172063005Iridium IrChemicals & Gases
1214173563005Plutonium PuChemicals & Gases
1214174863005Uranium UChemicals & Gases
1214180063005Alkali metalsChemicals & Gases
1214190063005Non metals and pure and elemental gasesChemicals & Gases
1214200063005Noble gasesChemicals & Gases
1214210063005Industrial use gasesChemicals & Gases
1214220063005IsotopesChemicals & Gases
1216000063005AdditivesChemicals & Gases
1216150063005Indicators and ReagentsChemicals & Gases
1216160063005CatalystsChemicals & Gases
1216170063005BuffersChemicals & Gases
1216180063005ColloidsChemicals & Gases
1216190063005SurfactantsChemicals & Gases
1216200063005PlasticizersChemicals & Gases
1216210063005Flame retardantsChemicals & Gases
1216220063005Anti oxidantsChemicals & Gases
1216230063005Curing agentsChemicals & Gases
1216240063005Polymer breakersChemicals & Gases
1216250063005Emulsion breakersChemicals & Gases
1216260063005Clay stabilizersChemicals & Gases
1216270063005Fluid loss additivesChemicals & Gases
1216280063005Friction reducersChemicals & Gases
1216290063005Paraffin asphaltene control agentsChemicals & Gases
1216300063005Mud removal mixturesChemicals & Gases
1216310063005Anti sludgersChemicals & Gases
1216320063005Anti gas migration agentsChemicals & Gases
1216330063005Expanding agentsChemicals & Gases
1216340063005ExtendersChemicals & Gases
1216350063005Oil well sealantsChemicals & Gases
1216360063005Corrosion inhibitorsChemicals & Gases
1216370063005Gas hydrate controllersChemicals & Gases
1216380063005Chemical scavengersChemicals & Gases
1216390063005Scale controllersChemicals & Gases
1216400063005BactericidesChemicals & Gases
1216410063005In situChemicals & Gases
1216420063005RetardersChemicals & Gases
1216430063005Iron controllersChemicals & Gases
1216440063005Non emulsifiersChemicals & Gases
1216450063005Food or drug additivesChemicals & Gases
1216460063005Paper plastic and fabric modifiersChemicals & GasesThese are additives which modify physical and chemical properties of paper, plastics and fabrics.
1216470063005Industrial antisepticsChemicals & GasesChemical products for industrial use that prevent oxidation or decaying of animal or vegetable organic caused by the action of microbial organisms.
1216480063005Water reducing agentsChemicals & GasesAdditives used to control coagulation by dispersing the particles.
1216490063005Waterproofing agentsChemicals & GasesChemical coating products used to increase water resistance of floors and walls of buildings.
1216500063005Non shrinkage agentsChemicals & GasesAdditives used to prevent cracking and shrinkage in products and to increase strength by minimizing contraction.
1216510063005Chemicals for enhanced oil recoveryChemicals & GasesEngineered chemicals , usually as dilute solutions, used to improve or enhance oil recovery from the reservoir.
1217000063005ColorantsChemicals & Gases
1217150063005DyesChemicals & Gases
1217160063005PigmentsChemicals & Gases
1217170063005Color compounds and dispersionsChemicals & Gases
1218000063005Waxes and oilsChemicals & Gases
1218150063005WaxesChemicals & Gases
1218160063005OilsChemicals & Gases
1219000063005SolventsChemicals & Gases
1219150063005Hydrocarbonated solventsChemicals & Gases
1219160063005Oxygenated solventsChemicals & Gases
1235000063005Compounds and mixturesChemicals & Gases
1235200063005Aliphatic and aromatic compoundsChemicals & Gases
1235210063005Organic derivatives and substituted compoundsChemicals & Gases
1235220063005BiochemicalsChemicals & Gases
1235230063005Inorganic compoundsChemicals & Gases
1235240063005MixturesChemicals & Gases
1235250063005FixativesChemicals & Gases
1300000063001Resin & Rosin & Rubber & Foam & Film & Elastomeric MaterialsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesThis segment includes rubber and plastic material, including elastomers that are used in manufacturing and construction.
1310000063001Rubber and elastomersConsumable Non-Office Supplies
1311000063001Resins and rosins and other resin derived materialsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
1400000063001Paper Materials and ProductsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesThis segment includes paper used for commercial printing, forms, envelopes, reprographics, and tablets as well as value-added papers which feature special surface treatments, color, chemicals, or fiber content that meet specific needs.
1410000063001Paper materialsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
1411000063001Paper productsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
1412000063001Industrial use papersConsumable Non-Office Supplies
1500000063007Fuels & Fuel Additives & Lubes & Anti corrosive MaterialsFuels & LubricantsThis segment includes natural occurring gases and processed materials used to produce heat or power performance enhancing additives, processed materials designed to reduce friction and wear when introduced as a film between solid surfaces. This segment also includes materials used to reduce or prevent corrosion of metallic surfaces, and petroleum-based and synthetic waxes and jellies.
1510000063007FuelsFuels & Lubricants
1511000063007Gaseous fuels and additivesFuels & Lubricants
1512000063007Lubricants and oils and greases and anti corrosivesFuels & Lubricants
1513000063007Fuel for nuclear reactorsFuels & Lubricants
2000000063103Mining and Well Drilling Machinery and AccessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes the machines and accessories necessary to burrow beneath the earth`s surface or related processes for obtaining a natural element.
2100000063103Farming & Fishing & Forestry & Wildlife Machinery and AccessFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes machines and accessories necessary to cultivate and preserve soil, trees, plants as well as those necessary for breeding of animals.
2110000063103Agricultural & forestry & landscape machinery & equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2110190063103Poultry and livestock equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2111000063103Fishing and aquaculture equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2200000085103Building & Construction Machinery & AccessoriesConstruction Of RoadsThis segment includes the machines and accessories used in support of the construction, repair and maintenance of structures and roads.
2210000085103Heavy construction machinery and equipmentConstruction Of Roads
2210150085103Earth moving machineryConstruction Of Roads
2210160085103Paving equipmentConstruction Of Roads
2210170063103Heavy equipment componentsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2210180085103Aerial liftsConstruction Of Roads
2210190085103Building construction machinery and accessoriesConstruction Of Roads
2210200085103Building demolition machinery and equipmentConstruction Of Roads
2300000063103Industrial Mfg & Processing Machinery & AccessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes the machines and accessories necessary to manufacture or process products or components. This segment also includes machinery and equipment for manufacturing and processing of food and beverages, textile, leathers and fabrics and, lapidary equipment.
2315000063103Industrial process machinery and equipment and suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2315360063103Part marking machinesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedPart marking machines are used to mark parts within a code or other information that is used for traceability.
2315360263103Laser marking machineFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2315360463103Laser etching toolFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2324000063103Metal cutting machinery and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedMachines that cut away chips and include (but are not limited to) broaching machines, drilling machines, electrical-discharge machines, gear cutting machines, grinders, machining centers, milling machines, transfer machines, and turning machines such as lathes.
2324150063103Metal cutting machinesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedMachines that either cut pieces of material into individual pieces or cut out shapes and/or contours into a piece of material.
2324150563103Laser cutting machineFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2324160063103Metal cutting toolsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2324164463103Carbon dioxide laserFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2327000063103Welding & soldering & brazing machinery & accessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedWelding, soldering, and brazing are fabrication processes that join materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence. Welding is often done by melting the workpieces and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material that cools to become a strong joint, but sometimes pressure is used in conjunction with heat, or by itself, to produce the weld. This is in contrast with soldering and brazing, which involve melting a lower-melting point material between the workpieces to form a bond.
2327140063103Welding machineryFurnishings & Equip ExpensedWelding machines cover devices used in a wide array of joining processes including arc welding (MIG, TIG, stick, submerged arc), resistance welding, laser welding, electron beam welding, stud welding orbital welding, wave soldering, hot dip brazing, torch brazing, induction brazing, ultrasonic and friction welding. Welding machines include complete devices as well as their power sources, monitors, and controllers.
2327140563103Laser welding machineFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2400000063103Mat'l Hdlg & Conditioning & Storage Mach. & Access. & Sup.Furnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes the machines, accessories, and supplies necessary for material conveyance, lifting, rotating, tilting and turning and the safekeeping of goods in a depository such as a warehouse.
2410000063103Material handling machinery and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2411000063101Containers and storageParts-Furnishings & Equip
2412000063001Packaging materialsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
2413000063101Industrial refrigerationParts-Furnishings & Equip
2414000063001Packing suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
2500000086201Commercial & Private Vehicles & Accessories & SuppliesMotor Vehicles Passenger CarThis segment includes vehicles used in the conveyance of persons or materials, such as automotive vehicles, spacecraft, marine craft, powered aircraft, motorized cycles and rail bound vehicles, as well as recreational motorized and non-motorized craft.This segment also includes components, accessories and systems used in the repair, maintenance and support of these vehicles.
2510000086201Motor vehiclesMotor Vehicles Passenger Car
2510150086201Passenger motor vehiclesMotor Vehicles Passenger Car
2510160086202Product and material transport vehiclesMotor Vehicles Other
2510170086202Safety and rescue vehiclesMotor Vehicles Other
2510180086202Motorized cyclesMotor Vehicles Other
2510190086202Specialized and recreational vehiclesMotor Vehicles OtherIncludes golf carts.
2510210086202Truck tractorsMotor Vehicles Other
2511000086206Marine TransportBoats
2511180063103Recreational watercraftFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2511190063101Marine craft systems and subassembliesParts-Furnishings & Equip
2512000086110Railway and tramway machinery and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Capitaliz
2513150086207Powered fixed wing aircraftAircraft
2513160086207Civilian and commercial rotary wing aircraftAircraft
2513180086207Specialty aircraftAircraft
2513200086207Recreational aircraftAircraft
2515000086202SpacecraftMotor Vehicles Other
2516000063163Non motorized cyclesComputer Equip Controlled
2516150063103Pedal powered vehiclesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2517000063001Transportation components and systemsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
2517150063806Windshield wipersMaint Repair Vehicles
2517160063806Defrosting and defogging systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517170063806Braking systems and componentsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517190063806Wheels and wheel trimsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517200063806Suspension system componentsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517210063806Vehicle safety and security systems and componentsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517220063806Vehicle doorsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517230063806Vehicle windows and windshieldsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517240063806Fuel tanks and systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517250063806Tires and tire tubesMaint Repair Vehicles
2517260063806Vehicle trim and exterior coveringMaint Repair Vehicles
2517270063806Environmental control systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517280063806Hydraulic systems and componentsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517290063806Exterior vehicle lightingMaint Repair Vehicles
2517300063806Interior vehicle lightingMaint Repair Vehicles
2517310063806Location and navigation systems and componentsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517330063806Master control systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517370063806Exhaust and emission controlsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517380063806Drivetrain systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517390063806Electrical componentsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517400063806Engine coolant systemMaint Repair Vehicles
2517410063806Roof systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517420063806Steering systemMaint Repair Vehicles
2517440063806Vehicle interior systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517460063806Vehicle seating systemsMaint Repair Vehicles
2517470063806Non motorized cycle components and accessoriesMaint Repair Vehicles
2517480063806Specialized vehicle systems and componentsMaint Repair VehiclesSpecialized task specific systems and components added to vehicles to meet functional requirements.
2517490063806Vehicle vibration dampeners and isolatorsMaint Repair VehiclesDevices used in various areas and systems of vehicles to isolate and or diminish vibrations.
2517500063806Electric vehicle charging systemsMaint Repair VehiclesFixed and portable charging systems and accessories for electrically powered vehicles.
2518000063103Vehicle bodies and trailersFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2518160063806Automotive chassisMaint Repair Vehicles
2518170063806Product and material trailersMaint Repair Vehicles
2519000063103Transportation services equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2519150063806Air transportation support systems and equipmentMaint Repair Vehicles
2519170063806Vehicle servicing equipmentMaint Repair Vehicles
2519180063806Vehicle testing and measuring equipmentMaint Repair VehiclesSpecialized testing equipment for vehicles that includes detectors, gauges and test instrumentation used in the maintenance and repair of transport vehicles.
2520000063103Aerospace systems and components and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2520150063805Aircraft fuselage and componentsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520160063805Aerospace location and navigation systems and componentsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520170063805Flight communications related systemsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520180063805Aircraft master control systemsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520190063805Aircraft emergency systemsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520200063805Aircraft power systemsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520210063805Flight instrumentationMaint Repair Aircraft
2520220063805Aircraft landing and braking systemsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520230063805Aircraft passenger restraintsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520240063805Aircraft fuel tanks and systemsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520250063805Aircraft equipmentMaint Repair Aircraft
2520260063805Aircraft environmental control systems and componentsMaint Repair Aircraft
2520270063805Aircraft accumulatorsMaint Repair Aircraft
2600000063103Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and AccessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes machinery for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force or converting mechanical force into electricity. This segment also includes mechanisms used totransmit power from an engine to an actuator and systems and components used in the distribution of electrical and mechanical energy such as motors, generators, transformers and transmissions.
2610000063101Power sourcesParts-Furnishings & Equip
2611000063103Batteries and generators and kinetic power transmissionFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2612000063103Electrical wire and cable and harnessFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2613000063101Power generationParts-Furnishings & Equip
2614000063103Atomic and nuclear energy machinery and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2700000063101Tools and General MachineryParts-Furnishings & EquipThis segment includes hand held devices as well as small or multipurpose pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical or electronically operated devices used in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of products.
2711000063101Hand toolsParts-Furnishings & Equip
2712000063103Hydraulic machinery and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2713000063103Pneumatic machinery and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
2714000063101Automotive specialty toolsParts-Furnishings & Equip
3000000099999Structures & Bldg & Construction & Mfg Components & SuppliesInvalid AccountThis segment includes components, materials and systems used in the construction, repair and maintenance of structures and roads. This segment also includes structural shapes, prefabricated structures, interior and exterior finishing products, electrical and plumbing fixtures as well as lumber, building components and concrete.
3010000063801Structural components and basic shapesMaint Repair Buildings
3011000063801Concrete and cement and plasterMaint Repair Buildings
3012000063207Roads and landscapeRoadway Supplies
3013000063801Structural building productsMaint Repair Buildings
3014000063204InsulationHardware & Materials
3015000063204Exterior finishing materialsHardware & Materials
3016000063204Interior finishing materialsHardware & Materials
3017000063204Doors and windows and glassHardware & Materials
3018000063204Plumbing fixturesHardware & Materials
3019000063801Construction and maintenance support equipmentMaint Repair Buildings
3024000063801Portable Structure Building ComponentsMaint Repair BuildingsConstruction components specific to portable structures which are built to be set up and taken apart often, such as steel frames (for tents, stages, grandstands, etc.), special trusses and rigging equipment, canvas sections for tents, stage covers or other membrane structures; stage floor panels, dance floors, etc.
3025000063801Underground mining structures and materialsMaint Repair BuildingsMaterials used in underground mining applications.
3026000063801Structural materialsMaint Repair BuildingsVarious metal and non metal materials of different shapes that are further processed to be useful in the building of structures.
3100000099999Manufacturing Components and SuppliesInvalid AccountThis segment includes components and supplies commonly used or consumed in manufacturing and construction processes. This segment also includes industrial goods such as castings, forgings and extrusions, fasteners, bearings, bushings, industrial wheels, sprockets, gears, gaskets, seals and springs. This segment also includes abrasives, industrial adhesives, sealants and solvents as well as paints, primers, finishes and dyes.
3110000063801Castings and casting assembliesMaint Repair BuildingsObjects and assemblies formed to or near their desired shape by introducing molten metal into molds.
3111000063204ExtrusionsHardware & Materials
3112000063204Machined castingsHardware & Materials
3113000063204ForgingsHardware & MaterialsMetal objects produced by the mechanical deformation of metal at various temperatures.
3114000063204MoldingsHardware & Materials
3115000063204Rope and chain and cable and wire and strapHardware & Materials
3116000063204HardwareHardware & Materials
3117000063204Bearings and bushings and wheels and gearsHardware & Materials
3118000063204Packings glands boots and coversHardware & Materials
3119000063204Grinding and polishing and smoothing materialsHardware & Materials
3120000063204Adhesives and sealantsHardware & Materials
3121000063204Paints and primers and finishesHardware & Materials
3122000063204Dyeing and tanning extractsHardware & Materials
3123000063204Machined raw stockHardware & Materials
3124000063204Industrial opticsHardware & Materials
3125000063204Pneumatic and hydraulic and electric control systemsHardware & Materials
3126000063204Housings and cabinets and casingsHardware & Materials
3127000063204Machine made partsHardware & Materials
3128000063204Stampings and sheet componentsHardware & Materials
3129000063204Machined extrusionsHardware & Materials
3130000063204Machined forgingsHardware & Materials
3131000084101Fabricated pipe assembliesConstruct Impr Grounds
3132000084101Fabricated bar stock assembliesConstruct Impr Grounds
3133000084101Fabricated structural assembliesConstruct Impr Grounds
3134000063103Fabricated sheet assembliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3135000063103Fabricated tube assembliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3136000063103Fabricated plate assembliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3137000063103RefractoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3138000063103Magnets and magnetic materialsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3139000063103MachiningsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedObjects formed by the removal of material from an initial shape, using various powered material removal processes, to achieve a desired shape.
3140000063103GasketsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedDevices to seal, insulate or isolate two mating surfaces by the use of compressive forces.
3141000063103SealsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedDevices used to eliminate or control the leakage of liquids and or gases while preventing the entrance of external contaminants.
3142000063103Sintered partsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedParts produced through sintering or the bonding of powder by means of heat and various degrees of pressure into a desired form.
3200000063204Electronic Components and SuppliesHardware & MaterialsThis segment includes electronic components used (or consumed) in the manufacturing and maintenance of electronic or electro-mechanical devices and systems. Examples of commodities found within this segment include semiconductors, integrated circuits, circuit card assemblies and light emitting diodes.
3210000063204Printed circuits and integrated circuits and microassembliesHardware & Materials
3211000063204Discrete semiconductor devicesHardware & Materials
3212000063204Passive discrete componentsHardware & Materials
3213000063204Electronic hardware and component parts and accessoriesHardware & Materials
3214000063204Electron tube devices and accessoriesHardware & Materials
3215000063204Automation control devices and components and accessoriesHardware & Materials
3900000063103Electr. Sys. & Lighting & Components & Access. & SuppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes lighting fixtures and electrical components and supplies.
3910000063103Lamps and lightbulbs and lamp componentsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3911000063103Lighting Fixtures and AccessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3912000063103Electrical equipment and components and suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
3913000063103Electrical wire management devices & accessories & suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4000000063103Distribution & Conditioning Systems & Equipment & ComponentsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes systems, devices and components used to control the movement or conditioning of air, gases or fluids. This segment also includes equipment and components used in plumbing, air cooling or heating (HVAC).
4010000063103Heating and ventilation and air circulationFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4014000063005Fluid and gas distributionChemicals & Gases
4015000063103Industrial pumps and compressorsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4016000063103Industrial filtering and purificationFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4017000063103Pipe piping and pipe fittingsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedCylinders and related fittings and assemblies used to convey fluid and gaseous products.
4018000063103Tubes tubing and tube fittingsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedLengths or sections of hollow cylinders for the conveyance of liquids or gases. Similar to pipe except that tubing usually implies tighter engineering requirements than pipe.
4100000063103Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing EquipmentFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes the machines, equipment and tools used in laboratories, as well as measuring, observing and testing equipment.
4110000063103Laboratory and scientific equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4111000063103Measuring and observing and testing instrumentsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4112000063103Laboratory supplies and fixturesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4200000063103Medical Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes the tools and machines, accessories and consumable supplies used by physicians or those in the practice of medicine or related fields. This segment also includes assistive and corrective devices for people with disabilities. This segment also includes medical equipment and supplies for animals.
4212000063103Veterinary equipment and suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4213000063009Medical apparel and textilesConsumable Supplies Fabric
4214000063006Patient care and treatment products and suppliesMedical Supplies
4215000063006Dental equipment and suppliesMedical Supplies
4216000063006Dialysis equipment and suppliesMedical Supplies
4217000063006Emergency and field medical services productsMedical Supplies
4218000063006Patient exam and monitoring productsMedical Supplies
4219000063006Medical facility productsMedical Supplies
4220000063006Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine productsMedical Supplies
4221000063006Independent living aids for the physically challengedMedical Supplies
4222000063006Intravenous and arterial administration productsMedical Supplies
4223000063006Clinical nutritionMedical Supplies
4224000063006Orthopedic and prosthetic and sports medicine productsMedical Supplies
4225000063006Physical & occupational therapy & rehabilitation productsMedical Supplies
4226000063006Postmortem and mortuary equipment and suppliesMedical Supplies
4227000063006Respiratory and anesthesia and resuscitation productsMedical Supplies
4228000063006Medical sterilization productsMedical Supplies
4229000063006Surgical productsMedical Supplies
4230000063006Medical training and education suppliesMedical Supplies
4231000063006Wound care productsMedical Supplies
4232000063006Orthopedic surgical implantsMedical Supplies
4300000063143Information Technology Broadcasting and TelecommunicationsTelecomm Equip ExpensedThis segment includes communications and computer equipment as well as peripheral input, output and storage devices.This segment also includes networking equipment and general computer components and supplies such as printers, electronic storage media and connection cables.
4319000063144Communications Devices and AccessoriesTelecomm Eqp & Parts ExpensedA piece of equipment that enables a person to transfer information using a communications protocol through a voice or data network.
4319150063143Personal communication devicesTelecomm Equip ExpensedPortable equipment that enables a person to transfer information using a communications protocol through a voice or data network.
4319160063143Personal communications device accessories or partsTelecomm Equip ExpensedAn accessory to a tool that enables a person to transfer information using a communications protocol through a voice or data network.
4320000063144Components for IT or broadcasting or telecomTelecomm Eqp & Parts ExpensedSub-assembly parts that are used in an information technology and communications equipment. Can be a single item or as a bundled item that is sold as a part of another device.
4320140063142System CardsComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dCommunications components that are inserted into slots to provide capabilties to the computing or networking device.
4320150063142System boards processors interfaces or modulesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dCommunications components that provide input and output capabilities to a central processing unit.
4320160063142Chassis componentsComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dComponents that are used to provide the casing and connections for information technology equipment.
4320180063142Media storage devicesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA device with a read/write head for accessing magnetic or optical recorded media.
4320190063142Media storage device accessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dAccessories for media storage devices.
4320200063142Removable storage mediaComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dStorage media designed to be removed from the read or write device.
4320210063142Removable storage media accessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dAccessories designed to house removable storage media.
4320220063142Sub assemblies for electronic devicesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dComponent pieces for assembling electronic devices.
4321000063142Computer Equipment and AccessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dThe computer and it`s accessories together provide a platform to enable user computing. A computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digital data) and manipulates it for some result based on aprogram or sequence of instructions on how data is to be processed. Complex computers also include the means for storing data (including the program, which is also a form of data) for some necessary duration. A program may be invariable and built into the computer (and called logic circuitry as it is on microprocessors) or different programs may be provided to the computer (loaded into its storage and then started by an administrator or user). Today`s computers have both kinds of programming.
4321150063142ComputersComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA computer is a device that accepts information (in the form of digital data) and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructions on how data is to be processed. Complex computers also include the means for storing data (including the program, which is also a form of data) for some necessary duration. A program may be invariable and built into the computer (and called logic circuitry as it is on microprocessors) or different programs may be provided to the computer (loaded into its storage and then started by an administrator or user). Today`s computers have both kinds of programming.
4321150163142Computer serversComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA computer which provides some service for other computers connected to it via a network. The most common example is a file server which has a local disk and services requests from remote clients to read and write files on that disk, often using Network File System (NFS) protocol or Netware on PCs.
4321150363142Notebook computersComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA notebook computer is a battery, or AC, powered personal computer generally smaller than a briefcase that can easily be transported and conveniently used in temporary spaces such as on airplanes, in libraries, temporary offices, and at meetings. A notebook computer, sometimes called a laptop computer, typically weighs less than 5 pounds and is 3 inches or less in thickness.
4321150463143Personal digital assistant PDAs or organizersTelecomm Equip ExpensedPersonal digital assistant (PDA) is a term for any small mobile hand-held device that provides computing and information storage and retrieval capabilities for personal or business use, often for keeping schedule calendars and address book information handy. Input is through a combination of pen and character recognition software.
4321150563163Point of sale POS terminalComputer Equip ControlledA point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized replacement for a cash register. Much more complex than the cash registers, the POS system can include the ability to record and track customer orders, process credit and debit cards,connect to other systems in a network, and manage inventory. Generally, a POS terminal has as its core a personal computer, which is provided with application-specific programs and I/O devices for the particular environment in which it will serve.A POS system for a restaurant, for example, is likely to have all menu items stored in a database. POS terminals are used in most industries that have a point of sale such as a service desk, including restaurants, lodging, entertainment, and museums.POS terminals are also Web-enabled, which makes remote training and operation possible, as well as inventory tracking across geographically-dispersed locations.
4321150763142Desktop computersComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA type of computer workstation intended for individual use that is faster and more capable than a personal computer. It is intended for business or professional use rather than home or recreational use.Workstations and applications designed for them are used by small engineering companies, architects, graphic designers, and any organization, department, or individual that requires a faster microprocessor, a large amount of random access memory (RAM), and special features such as high-speed graphics adapter.
4321150963163Tablet computersComputer Equip ControlledA computer in the form of a tablet designed to mimic the use of a traditional clip board. Larger and more powerful than a PDA, input is predominantly by the use of a stylus, finger touch or voice recognition.Tablet Computers usually run a specialised Tablet Computer Operating System and frequently have integrated wireless connectivity features, which enable them to communicate with corporate networks as the user moves through the building.They may or may not have an integral keyboard.
4321151263163Mainframe computersComputer Equip ControlledAccessories to enhance the usability of computers.
4321151463163Computer kioskComputer Equip ControlledA structure that houses a computer terminal providing customized retail services.
4321151663142MinicomputerComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA computer that is smaller than medium-sized computer but larger than personal computer under the classification following the size and capability. The uses are found broadly in graphic, office processing, e-publishing and others.
4321160063142Computer accessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dDevices that enable a computer user to hook up more than one device of a single type and switch it when needed.
4321170063142Computer data input devicesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dDevices that enable a computer to access data inputs or feed signals from outside sources.
4321180063142Computer data input device accessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dAccessories to computer input devices that enable them to be used in more effective ways.
4321190063142Computer displaysComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dA display is a computer output surface or a screen and a projecting mechanism that shows text and graphic images. In some computers, the display is packaged in a separate unit called a monitor. In notebook computers, the display is integrated into a unit. Also called video display terminals VDTs, a display uses a cathode ray tube (CRT), liquid crystal display (LCD), light-emitting diode, gas plasma, or other image projection technology.
4321200063142Computer display accessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dMonitor accessories are supplimentory products to the monitors. They include monitor stands w/wo drawers, monitor arms, monitor clips and various other accessories.
4321210063142Computer printersComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dIn computers, a printer is a device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper, usually to standard size sheets of paper. Printers are sometimes sold with computers,but more frequently are purchased separately. Printers vary in size, speed, sophistication, and cost. In general, more expensive printers are used for higher-resolution color printing.
4321220063142Computer data storage management systemsComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dCombined hardware and software systems designed to manage data storage processes and devices on an integrated basis.
4322000063163Data/Voice/Multimedia Network Equip and AcccessoriesComputer Equip ControlledEquipment that enables voice communications and data transmissions and applications.
4322150063143Call management systems or accessoriesTelecomm Equip ExpensedAlso referred to as Call Accounting; A system or software that provides for call tracking, and analysis for voice.
4322160063142Digital subscriber loop DSL access equip and accessoriesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dAsymmetric DSL or ADSL equipment such as transceivers, routers, switches used for digital subscriber lines.
4322170063142Fixed network equipment and componentsComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dEquipment for transferring terrestrial data and frequencies.
4322180063142Optical network devicesComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dDevices used to amplify an optical signal without converting the signal from optical to electrical and back again to optical energy.
4322250063142Network security equipmentComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dEquipment for securing networks.
4322260063142Network service equipmentComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dEquipment, software, and services for transferring data in a network across standards based protocols.
4322270063143Telegraph equipmentTelecomm Equip ExpensedEquipment used in a system employing the interruption of, or change in, the polarity of DC current signaling to convey coded information.
4322280063143Telephony equipmentTelecomm Equip ExpensedTelecommunications equipment that supports telephone operations.
4322290063143Telephony equipment accessoriesTelecomm Equip ExpensedAccessories that assist in the management and capabilities of telephony equipment.
4322300063143Teletype equipmentTelecomm Equip ExpensedThe Teletype (TTY) was instrumental in setting the telecommunications standard for the information processing industry. Messages were punched on paper tape and run during a real-time telephone line connection with the receiving Teletype unit.
4322310063142Digital mobile network infrastructure equipment & componentsComputer Equip & Parts Exp'dEquipment and related Software and related services to enable mobile communication (speech and data) on basis of GSM technology.
4322320063143Mobile messaging platformsTelecomm Equip ExpensedEquipment, devices, software and accessories used to communicate wireless data to mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and pagers.
4322330063142Datacom and network connectivity install. devices & equip.Computer Equip & Parts Exp'd
4323000063141SoftwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware is any set of instructions written with series of 1`s and 0`s that operate or facilitate programmable objects.
4323150063141Business function specific softwareComputer Software ExpensedBusiness transaction and personal business software covers business transactions,auditing ,forecasting and accounting.
4323160063141Finance accounting and enterprise resource planning ERP SWComputer Software ExpensedSoftware for accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, cost analysis, tax preparation. Also used to maintain the financial reports for audit. Examples of the accounting softwares are 1. BusinessVision 32 (BusinessVision), 2. BusinessWorks (Sage Software), 3. ePeachtree (Peachtree/Sage Software), 4. M.Y.O.B (M.Y.O.B. Software), 5. NetLedger (Netledger), 6. One Write Plus (Peachtree Software / Sage Software), 7. Peachtree Complete Accounting (Peachtree Software / Sage Software), 8. QuickBooks for the Web (Intuit.), 9. QuickBooks Pro 2001 (Intuit).
4323200063141Computer game or entertainment softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware that is designed for playing games on a computer.
4323210063141Content authoring and editing softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware designed for users to create content objects.
4323220063141Content management softwareComputer Software ExpensedContact management software is a software used to managing the business contacts of an organisation or individual.It is used to organise all the data pertaining to a potentialbusiness contacts information such as all the phone #s, addresses, email addresses, website addresses and other relevent data.
4323230063141Data management and query softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware to retrieve and analyze data from information technology systems.
4323240063141Development softwareComputer Software ExpensedDevelopment software is a software used in the analysis, design, coding and testing of software.
4323250063141Educational or reference softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware for developing tools for learning.
4323260063141Industry specific softwareComputer Software ExpensedAll industry control,aviation support ,flight control software come under this class.
4323270063141Network applications softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware that enables or automates functions relevant to network applications.
4323280063141Network management softwareComputer Software ExpensedA software developed to view relevant information collected from network devices and application sources through a central point of control. It is used for security purposes, control network communication and help human administrators configure and maintain a network.
4323290063141Networking softwareComputer Software ExpensedThis class includes all the catogories of software used for networking and management of the resources in a network.
4323300063141Operating environment softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware that controls the execution of application programs and may provide various services.It serves as an interface between the user and computer system .It runs and supports the system hardware.
4323320063141Security and protection softwareComputer Software ExpensedFile security or data security software are used to prevent access to files or data by allowing only authorised users to access them.They employ password protection or encryption methods on files or data to do their job.
4323340063141Utility and device driver softwareComputer Software ExpensedSoftware that enables peripherals to interface with the computer, virus protection and backup programs management of a computer network.
4323350063141Information exchange softwareComputer Software ExpensedA program that performs a very specific task, usually related to managing system resources.
4323360063141Electrical Equipment softwareComputer Software Expensed
4323370063141System management softwareComputer Software ExpensedSpecialized software to manage activities across IT systems, evaluating capacity, user activities, software inventory and installation, server availability, and virus or malware protection.Provides the tools and process for controlling and monitoring computer networks, including: operating systems, applications, network devices, security measures, mainframes, access control systems, web services and databases.Includes configuration and change management, asset management, performance and fault detection management, workflow and output management, data backup and storage management, etc. Also called enterprise system management software, management software, systems management tools, infrastructure software and system management tools.
4400000063009Office Equipment and Accessories and SuppliesConsumable Supplies FabricThis segment includes office machines, equipment, accessories and supplies commonly used in the clerical and administrative function of a business. Examples include calculating, copying and mail handling equipment as well as drafting and stationary supplies and accessories such as writing instruments and desk organizers.
4410000063103Office machines and their supplies and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410150063103Duplicating machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410160063103Paper processing machines and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410170063103Printer and photocopier and facsimile accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410180063103Calculating machines and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410190063103Check endorsing and writing machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410200063003Laminating suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4410210063103Mail machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410220063003Scanner accessoriesOffice/Computer Supplies
4410230063103Packing machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410240063103Labeling machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410250063103Sorting machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410260063103Typing machines and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410280063103Binding and lamination machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410290063003Office machine accessoriesOffice/Computer Supplies
4410300063003Fusers and accessoriesOffice/Computer Supplies
4410310063003Printer and facsimile and photocopier suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4410320063103Office time recording machines and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4410350063003Binding machine suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4410360063003Cassette disposal equipment and accessoriesOffice/Computer Supplies
4411000063003Office and desk accessoriesOffice/Computer Supplies
4411150063003Organizers and accessoriesOffice/Computer Supplies
4411160063003Cash handling suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4411180063003Drafting suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4411190063003BoardsOffice/Computer Supplies
4411200063003Planning systemsOffice/Computer Supplies
4412000063003Office suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4412150063003Mailing suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4412160063003Desk suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4412170063003Writing instrumentsOffice/Computer Supplies
4412180063003Correction mediaOffice/Computer Supplies
4412190063003Ink and lead refillsOffice/Computer Supplies
4412200063003Folders and binders and indexesOffice/Computer Supplies
4412210063003Fastening suppliesOffice/Computer Supplies
4500000063103Printing and Photographic and A/V Equipment and SuppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes photographic film, plates and paper, cameras, lenses and accessories, microfilm equipment, photographic studio equipment, photographic chemicals and supplies as well as printing industry equipment and supplies such as inks and washes.
4510000063103Printing and publishing equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4510150063103Printing machinery and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4510160063101Printing machinery accessoriesParts-Furnishings & Equip
4510170063101Printing accessoriesParts-Furnishings & Equip
4510180063103Book binding and sewing equipment and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4510190063103Printing laboratory equipment and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4510200063103Composing machines and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511000063103Audio and visual presentation and composing equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511150063103Lecterns and sound systems and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511160063103Projectors and suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511170063103Audio presentation and composing equip. & HW & controllersFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511180063103Video & combo video & audio present. equip & HW & controllerFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511190063103Phone and video conference equip. and HW and controllersFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4511200063103Microfilm equipment and suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4512000063103Photographic or filming or video equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4512150063103CamerasFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4512160063103Camera accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4512170063103Photographic processing equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4512180063103Microfilm production equipment and suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4513000063103Photographic and recording mediaFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4513150063103Still picture filmFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4513160063103Moving picture mediaFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4513170063101Media storageParts-Furnishings & Equip
4514000063001Photographic filmmaking suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4514150063001Photographic processing chemicalsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4514160063001Darkroom suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4600000063103Defense & Law Enforce. & Security & Safety Equip & SuppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes equipment and supplies used in defense, law enforcement and security. This segment also includes equipment and supplies for personal safety.
4610000063161Light weapons and ammunitionFirearms Controlled
4610150063161FirearmsFirearms Controlled
4610150163161Machine gunsFirearms Controlled
4610150263161Police or security shotgunsFirearms Controlled
4610150363161Military riflesFirearms Controlled
4610150463161HandgunsFirearms Controlled
4610160063101AmmunitionParts-Furnishings & Equip
4610170063103Ammunition handling systemsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4610180063103Arms and ammunition accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4615000063103Law enforcementFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4615150063103Crowd control equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4615160063103Security and control equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4615170063103Forensic equipment and supplies and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4615180063103Explosives control equipment and accessories and suppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedIncludes equipment and supplies involved in the detection, handling, protection and control of concealed bombs, charges and other related explosive devices by law enforcement and other domestic security authorities.
4615190063103Chemical biological control equip. & accessories & suppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedIncludes equipment and supplies involved in the detection, handling, protection and decontamination of chemical and biological agents and related devices by law enforcement and other civil anti-terror authorities.
4616000063103Public safety and controlFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4616150063103Traffic controlFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4616160063103Water safetyFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4616170063103Rescue equipment and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedEquipment and accessories used to rescue people.
4617000063103Security surveillance and detectionFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4617150063103Locks and security hardware and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4617160063103Surveillance and detection equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4618000063103Personal safety and protectionFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4618150063101Safety apparelParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618160063101Safety footwearParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618170063101Face and head protectionParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618180063101Vision protection and accessoriesParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618190063101Hearing protectorsParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618200063101Respiratory protectionParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618210063101Anti static equipment and suppliesParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618220063101Ergonomic support aidsParts-Furnishings & Equip
4618230063103Fall protection and rescue equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4618240063103Decontamination aids and safety cleaning equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4618250063161Personal safety devices or weaponsFirearms Controlled
4619000063103Fire protectionFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4619150063101Fire preventionParts-Furnishings & Equip
4619160063103Fire fighting equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4620000063103Defense & law enforcement & security & safety train. equip.Furnishings & Equip ExpensedEquipment and accessories for training and education to promote the capability for public safety.
4620100063103Public safety training equipmentFurnishings & Equip ExpensedA training or education to develop the public capability by promoting the personal capability.
4620110063103Small arms weapons training equipmentFurnishings & Equip ExpensedEquipment that is used for mock experiment as used in times of various disaster prevention trainings and fire drills.
4700000063103Cleaning Equipment and SuppliesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis segment includes the equipment and supplies used in environmental protection and wastewater management as well as in the cleaning of offices and lavatories. This segment also includes commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment.
4710000063001Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposalConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4710150063103Water treatment and supply equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4710160063001Water treatment consumablesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4711000063103Industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4711150063103Washing and drying equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4712000063103Janitorial equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4712150063103Janitor carts and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4712160063103Floor machines and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4712170063103Waste containers and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4712180063103Cleaning equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4712190063101Cleaning equipment accessoriesParts-Furnishings & Equip
4713000063001Cleaning and janitorial suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4713150063001Cleaning rags and cloths and wipesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4713160063001Brooms and mops and brushes and accessoriesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4713170063001Restroom suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4713180063001Cleaning and disinfecting solutionsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4713190063001AbsorbentsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4713210063101Cleaning kitsParts-Furnishings & Equip
4800000063103Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and SuppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4810000063103Institutional food services equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4811000063103Vending machinesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4900000063103Sports & Recreational Equipment, Supplies & AccessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4910000063001Collectibles and awardsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
4912000063103Camping and outdoor equipment and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4913000063103Fishing and hunting equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4915000063103Winter sports equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4916000063103Field and court sports equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4917000063103Gymnastics and boxing equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4918000063103Target and table games and equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4920000063103Fitness equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4921000063103Other sportsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4922000063103Sports equipment and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
4924000063103Recreation, playground, swimming , spa equipment & suppliesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5000000063001Food Beverage and Tobacco ProductsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesThis segment includes human food and beverages as well as condiments, colorings, flavorings and preservatives used in the preparation of food or beverages.This segment also includes plant extracts, mineral supplements and vitamins for human consumption.
5100000063006Drugs and Pharmaceutical ProductsMedical SuppliesThis segment includes natural or synthetic materials and compounds used in the prevention or treatment of disease in humans.
5110000063006Anti infective drugsMedical Supplies
5111000063006Antineoplastic agentsMedical Supplies
5112000063006Cardiovascular drugsMedical Supplies
5113000063006Hematolic drugsMedical SuppliesDrugs acting on the blood or blood forming tissue.
5114000063006Central nervous system drugsMedical Supplies
5115000063006Autonomic nervous system drugsMedical Supplies
5116000063006Drugs affecting the respiratory tractMedical Supplies
5117000063006Drugs affecting the gastrointestinal systemMedical Supplies
5118000063006Hormones and hormone antagonistsMedical Supplies
5119000063006Agents affecting water and electrolytesMedical Supplies
5120000063006Immunomodulating drugsMedical Supplies
5121000063006Miscellaneous drug categoriesMedical Supplies
5124000063006Drugs affecting the ears, eye, nose and skinMedical Supplies
5125000063006Veterinary nutritional supplementMedical Supplies
5200000063003Domestic Appliances, Supplies & Consumer Electronic ProductsOffice/Computer SuppliesThis segment includes floor coverings, bedclothes, table and kitchen linen, towels, window treatments, domestic appliances, consumer electronics and kitchenware.
5210000063204Floor coveringsHardware & Materials
5212000063001Bedclothes and table and kitchen linen and towelsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5213000063001Window treatmentsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5214000063101Domestic appliancesParts-Furnishings & Equip
5215000063001Domestic kitchenware and kitchen suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5216000063003Consumer electronicsOffice/Computer Supplies
5217000063001Domestic wall treatmentsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5300000063001Apparel and Luggage and Personal Care ProductsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesThis segment includes non-industrial clothing, garments shoes or boots and accessories as well as briefcases, suitcases, trunks and travel accessories. This segment also includes articles or preparations used in personal hygiene and personal care.
5310000063009ClothingConsumable Supplies Fabric
5311000063001FootwearConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5312000063001Luggage and handbags and packs and casesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5313000063001Personal care productsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5314000063001Sewing supplies and accessoriesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5400000063001Timepieces and Jewelry and Gemstone ProductsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesThis segment includes portable and stand-alone timepieces, cosmetic and fine jewelry (often set with gems) worn for personal adornment as well as and precious, semiprecious, or synthetic stones.
5500000063202Published ProductsBooks & Ref MaterialThis segment includes published copyright material such as software, music, books, magazines, and newspapers, in print or electronic form.
5510000063202Printed mediaBooks & Ref Material
5510150063202Printed publicationsBooks & Ref Material
5511000063202Electronic reference materialBooks & Ref Material
5511150063202Electronic publications and musicBooks & Ref Material
5511160063202Electronic software reference materialBooks & Ref Material
5512000063001Signage and accessoriesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5512150063001TagsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5512160063001LabelsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5512170063001SignageConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5512180063001Identification documentsConsumable Non-Office Supplies
5512190063103Signage equipmentFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5600000063103Furniture and FurnishingsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedThis Segment includes furniture used in domestic as well as office or business settings. Additionally, furniture of the sort often found in schools or libraries is included here. Last, institutional furniture is included here as well.
5610000063103Accommodation furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5610150063103FurnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5610160063103Outdoor furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5610170063103Office furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5610180063103Baby and toddler furniture and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5610190063103General furniture parts and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611000063103Commercial and industrial furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611150063103Workstations and office packagesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611160063103Panel systemsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611170063103Casegood and non modular systemsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611180063103Freestanding furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611190063103Industrial furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611200063103Computer support furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611210063103SeatingFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5611220063103Desking systemsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedSystem furniture consisting of interconnecting or freestanding desks or tables that are not dependent on panels to supports worksurfaces, overhead storage or shelving.
5611230063103Auditorium, stadium, special use seating parts & accessoriesFurnishings & Equip ExpensedSeating systems designed to fit different types of public areas. These seats are not self-standing and must be anchored in place. They can be set up on a structure, such as grandstands or on walls (waiting rooms).
5612000063103Classroom, instructional, institutional furniture & fixturesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612100063103Library furnishingsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612110063103Art classroom furnishingsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612120063103First aid room furnishingsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612130063103General educational facility fixturesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612140063103Cafeteria and lunchroom furnishingsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612150063103General classroom furnishingsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612160063103Creative play,rest time furnish - daycare & childhood facilFurnishings & Equip ExpensedCreative play and rest time furnishings for daycare and early childhood facilities.
5612170063162Book and general storage units for classroomsFurnishings & Equip Controlled
5612180063103Vocational classroom furnishings and fixturesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612190063103Demonstration furnishingsFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5612200063103Laboratory furnitureFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5613000063103Merchandising furniture and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5613150063204Mannequins and formsHardware & Materials
5613160063103Merchandiser free standing display and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
5613170063103Merchandiser installation hardware, shelving system & accessFurnishings & Equip ExpensedMerchandiser installation hardware, shelving systems and accessories.
5614000063103Home furnishing adornmentsFurnishings & Equip ExpensedItems of adornment that work in concert with furniture in homes.
5614150063204Ceramic home adornmentsHardware & MaterialsCeramic items of various shapes and styles used in concert with furniture.
5614160063204Glass home adornmentsHardware & MaterialsGlass items of various shapes and styles used in concert with furniture.
6000000063103Music Instrmnt,Games,Toys,A&C,Edu Equip, Mat & Sup, AccessFurnishings & Equip ExpensedMusical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Educational Equipment and Materials and Accessories and Supplies - Segment includes teaching aids used in both school and home settings; educational items such as decorative supplies seen in school settings; and arts and crafts equipment and supply items.Musical instruments and accessories are also in this Segment, as are puzzles, toys and games.
6010000063001Developmental & professional teaching aids & materialsConsumable Non-Office SuppliesDevelopmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies.
6011000063001Classroom decoratives and suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
6012000063001Arts and crafts equipment and accessories and suppliesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
6013000063103Musical Instruments and parts and accessoriesFurnishings & Equip Expensed
6014000063001Toys and gamesConsumable Non-Office Supplies
7000000063803Farming & Fishing & Forestry & Wildlife Contracting ServicesMaint Repair GroundsThis segment includes services associated with the production, management and protection of plants, soil and land resources as well as those related to the breeding of animals and services related to wildlife.
7011000063803Horticulture servicesMaint Repair Grounds
7013000063803Land & soil prep. & mgmt. & protection servicesMaint Repair Grounds
7017000063803Water resources development and oversightMaint Repair Grounds
7017170063803Irrigation servicesMaint Repair Grounds
7100000063811Mining and oil and gas servicesMaint Repair EquipmentServices provided to the mining and oil and gas industries.
7200000083101Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance ServicesConstruction of BuildingsThis segment includes services associated with the construction and maintenance of facilities, buildings, structures, roads and infrastructure.This segment also includes trades such as general contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, and roofing, landscaping, gardening and pest control.
7210000063801Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance ServicesMaint Repair BuildingsThis segment includes services associated with the construction and maintenance of facilities, buildings, structures, roads and infrastructure.This segment also includes trades such as general contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, and roofing, landscaping, gardening and pest control.
7210150063801Building maintenance and repair servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThis class includes all services related to the maintenance and repair of buildings.
7210210063801Pest controlMaint Repair Buildings
7210290063801Facility maintenance and repair servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThis class includes all services related to the maintenance and repair of facilities.
7210310063801Conveyance systems installation and repairMaint Repair BuildingsInstallation and repair of systems for conveyance of people and material.
7210330063804Infrastructure maintenance and repair servicesMaint Repair RoadsThis class includes all services related to the maintenance and repair of infrastructure.
7211000083101Residential building construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsServices involving the building, remodeling and repair of residential buildings owned by others.
7211100083101Single family dwelling construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsVariety of services involving the building, remodeling and repair for individual and single family residential buildings owned by others.
7211110083101Multiple unit dwelling construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building, remodeling and repair services of various types for residential buildings for individuals and multi families of various types owned by others.
7212000083101Nonresidential building construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building, remodeling and repair of nonresidential buildings owned by others.
7212100083101New industrial building and warehouse construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building, remodeling and repair of industrial building and warehouses ofvarious types owned by others.
7212110083101Commercial and office building construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building, remodeling and repair of commercial and office buildings of various types owned by others.
7212120083101Agricultural building construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building of agricultural buildings owned by others.
7212130083101Automotive garage and service station construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building of automotive garages and service stations, owned by others.
7212140083101Specialized public building construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building of specialized public buildings owned by others.
7212150083101Industrial plant construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building of industrial plants owned by others.
7214000083101Heavy construction servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building and repair of heavy construction projects including infrastructure.
7214100085103Highway and road construction servicesConstruction Of RoadsThe buildingand repair of highways and streets owned by others.
7214110063804Infrastructure building and surfacing and paving servicesMaint Repair RoadsThe building, surfacing or paving either new or in repair of infrastructure owned by others.
7214120084101Marine construction servicesConstruct Impr GroundsThe building and repair of marine related structures and systems owned by others.
7214130084102Athletic and recreational facility construction serviceConstruct Imp FacilThe building of athletic and recreational facilities owned by others.
7214140083101Detention facility construction and repair servicesConstruction of BuildingsThe building, maintenance and repair of detention facilities.
7214150084101Land preparation servicesConstruct Impr GroundsThe preparation of land owned by others for construction projects.
7214160085102Mass transit system construction servicesInfrastructure NondepreThe construction of mass transit systems owned by others.
7214170064034Construction machinery & equip. rental or leasing servicesRental VehicleServices involving the rental or leasing of construction machinery and equipment.
7215000084102Specialized trade construction and maintenance servicesConstruct Imp FacilThe erection, installation and or repair of specialized components of buildings and systems owned by others.
7215100063801Boiler and furnace construction and maintenance servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation and main encasement of boiler and furnace systems and components.
7215110063801Plumbing construction servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe building of plumbing systems owned by others.
7215120063801Heating & cooling & A/C HVAC construction & maint. svcs.Maint Repair BuildingsThe building and maintenance or repair of heating and air-conditioning systems owned by others.
7215130063801Painting and paper hanging servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe application of paint and paper coatings to structures owned by others.
7215140063801Wall covering construction servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe application of wall coverings to structures owned by others.
7215150063801Electrical system servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of structural electrical systems owned by others.
7215160063661Specialized communication system servicesCommunication ServicesThe installation, repair and maintenance of specialized communication systems owned by others.
7215170063801Safety and security system installation servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation of specialized safety and security systems owned by others.
7215180063811Machine installation and maintenance and repair servicesMaint Repair EquipmentThe installation and maintenance of specialized machinery owned by others.
7215190063803Masonry and stonework servicesMaint Repair GroundsThe installation, repair and maintenance of masonry and stone structures on property owned by others.
7215200063801Plastering and drywall servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of plaster and drywall to structure and property owned by others.
7215210063801Acoustical and insulation servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe hanging, repair and maintenance of insulation and acoustical materials to structures owned by others.
7215220063801Terrazzo tile and marble and mosaic servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of terrazzo, tile, marble and mosaic products to the interior of structuresowned by others.
7215230063801Carpentry servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of carpentered components of the interior of structures owned by others.
7215240063801Window and door installation and erection servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe erection, installation, repair, and maintenance of windows and doors for structures owned by others.
7215250063801Floor laying servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of flooring in structures owned by others.
7215260063801Roofing and siding and sheet metal servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of roofing, siding and sheet metal in structures owned by others.
7215270063803Concrete installation and repair servicesMaint Repair GroundsThe installation, repair and maintenance of concrete and associated substances in structures owned by others.
7215280085101Water well drilling servicesUtility ConstructionThe drilling and maintenance of water wells on property owned by others.
7215290084101Structural steel erection servicesConstruct Impr GroundsThe erection and maintenance of structural steel components on property owned by others.
7215300063801Glass and glazing servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair, and maintenance of glass and glazed products in strutures owned by others.
7215310084102Athletic and recreational facility construction servicesConstruct Imp FacilThe building, remodeling and maintenance of athletic and recreational facilities.
7215320063801Coating & caulking & weather water & fireproofing servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair, and maintenance of coatings, caulking, weatherproofing, waterproofing or fireproofing for structures owned by others.
7215330063811Service station equip. installation & maintenance servicesMaint Repair EquipmentThe installation or maintenance of service station equipment for service stations owned by others.
7215340067620Rigging and scaffolding servicesMiscellaneous ExpensesThe erection, use and dismantling of rigging and scaffolding on structures owned by others.
7215350063801Structural exterior cleaning servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe cleaning of exteriors on structures owned by others.
7215360083103Interior finishing and furnishing and remodeling servicesRemodeling Of Bldg UtThe finishing, furnishing and remodeling of building interiors owned by other people.
7215370063801Parking fac. const. & equip. install. & maint. & repair svc.Maint Repair BuildingsThe installation, repair and maintenance of parking facility equipment owned by others.
7215390063801Building site preparation servicesMaint Repair BuildingsThe preparation and maintenance of building sites owned by others.
7215400063801Specialty building and trades servicesMaint Repair BuildingsSpecialized building and trade services provided to property owned by others.
7215410063811Distribution & conditioning sys. equip. maint. & repair svcsMaint Repair EquipmentServices to maintain or repair distribution and conditioning equipment such as pumps, valves, compressors and heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
7215420063811Instrumentation installation maintenance and repair servicesMaint Repair EquipmentServices to install and maintain or repair instrumentation systems and equipment.
7215430063811Motive & elect. power generation equip. maint. & repair svcsMaint Repair EquipmentServices related to the building, maintenance, repair or overhaul of power generation equipment.
7215440063811Pipefitting fabrication and maintenance servicesMaint Repair EquipmentServices include the lay out, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance of piping fixtures used in the production and distribution of steam or hot water under low or high pressures, back-flow prevention, fire pump maintenance and repair and water treatment.
7215450063811Heavy equipment installation and maintenance servicesMaint Repair EquipmentServices that include the installation, maintenance and repair of heavy equipment.
7300000063811Industrial Production and Manufacturing ServicesMaint Repair EquipmentThis segment includes contracted services associated with industrial and manufacturing processes.
7600000060372Industrial Cleaning ServicesCleaning ServicesThis segment includes services associated with wastewater management. This segment also includes industrial cleaning services such as building site cleanup or janitorial services.
7610000063861Decontamination servicesWaste Disposal
7610150060372DisinfectionCleaning Services
7610160060371Hazardous material decontaminationHazardous Waste Dispos
7611000060372Cleaning and janitorial servicesCleaning ServicesJanitorial Services includes building maintenance, organisation of office cleaning and window washing, coordination of handymann services, collection and handling of malfunction messages, set up and care of the rules of the house.
7611150060372General building & office cleaning & maintenance servicesCleaning Services
7611160060372Building component cleaning servicesCleaning Services
7611180063806Transport vehicle cleaningMaint Repair Vehicles
7612000063861Refuse disposal and treatmentWaste Disposal
7612150063861Refuse collection and disposalWaste Disposal
7612160063861Nonhazardous waste disposalWaste Disposal
7612170063861Liquid waste treatmentWaste Disposal
7612180063861Refuse treatmentWaste Disposal
7612190060371Hazardous waste disposalHazardous Waste Dispos
7612200063861Landfill servicesWaste Disposal
7612210063861Waste to fuel blending servicesWaste Disposal
7612220063861Waste incineration servicesWaste Disposal
7612230063861Recycling servicesWaste Disposal
7612240063861Refuse disposal and treatment feesWaste Disposal
7613000060371Toxic and hazardous waste cleanupHazardous Waste Dispos
7613150060371Nuclear waste treatmentHazardous Waste Dispos
7613160060371Toxic spill cleanupHazardous Waste Dispos
7613170060371Oil spill cleanupHazardous Waste Dispos
7700000060104Environmental ServicesOther Professional ServicesThis segment includes services associated with environmental protection and management as well as environmental science and technology. This segment also includes pollution control.
7710000060104Environmental managementOther Professional Services
7711000060104Environmental protectionOther Professional Services
7712000060104Pollution tracking and monitoring and rehabilitationOther Professional Services
7713000060104Pollutants tracking & monitoring & rehabilitation servicesOther Professional Services
7800000063002Transportation and Storage and Mail ServicesPostal ServicesThis segment includes services associated with cargo and personal transportation.
7810000060373Mail and cargo transportFreight Delivery Services
7810170060373Marine cargo transportFreight Delivery Services
7810220063002Postal and small parcel and courier servicesPostal Services
7811000064034Passenger transportRental Vehicle
7811180064034Passenger road transportationRental Vehicle
7812000060373Material packing and handlingFreight Delivery Services
7813000060373StorageFreight Delivery Services
7813180060373Specialized warehousing and storageFreight Delivery Services
7814000060373Transport servicesFreight Delivery ServicesServices that span all aspects of transport of goods from arranging, inspecting, loading and maritime navigation.
7818000063806Transportation repair or maintenance servicesMaint Repair Vehicles
7818150064016Vehicle maintenance and repair servicesRental General Space
7818160064016Panel and paint servicesRental General Space
7818180063805Aircraft maintenance and repair servicesMaint Repair AircraftServices spanning inspection, maintenance and repair, including overhaul, of fixed and rotary wing aircraft of all kinds.
8000000060107Management & Business Professionals & Administrative SvcsFin & Acct ServicesThis segment includes services associated with the management and administrative functions of an organization or business. This segment also includes business administration, human resources, marketing, management consulting, legal, and real estate services.
8010000060106Management advisory servicesConsultants Other
8011000060104Human resources servicesOther Professional Services
8012000060155Legal servicesLegal Service No AG App
8013000060307Real estate servicesAppraisal Services
8014000060104Marketing and distributionOther Professional Services
8015000060104Trade policy and servicesOther Professional Services
8016000060107Business administration servicesFin & Acct Services
8100000060110Engineering and Research and Technology Based ServicesArch Engr ServicesThis segment includes services associated with professional engineering, information and computer technology, economic analysis, and manufacturing production planning and control as well as cartographic, weather forecasting, and other earth science services.
8110000060110Professional engineering servicesArch Engr Services
8111000060103Computer servicesComputer Services
8112000060104EconomicsOther Professional Services
8113000060104StatisticsOther Professional Services
8114000060104Manufacturing technologiesOther Professional Services
8115000060104Earth science servicesOther Professional Services
8116000060105Information Technology Service DeliveryConsultants IT Comp
8200000060301Editorial and Design and Graphic and Fine Art ServicesDesign ServicesThis segment includes services associated with print and broadcast media such as editorial, advertising and public relations as well as graphic and fine art.
8210000064103AdvertisingPublications & Advertisement
8211000060104Writing and translationsOther Professional Services
8212000060104Reproduction servicesOther Professional Services
8213000060104Photographic servicesOther Professional Services
8214000060301Graphic designDesign Services
8215000060309Professional artists and performersPerformers Fees
8300000063543Public Utilities and Public Sector Related ServicesOther UtilitiesThis segment includes services associated with the supply of power and water as well as the provision, management or enhancement of voice or data communications such as postal, telex, fax and telephone charges.This segment also includes the cable and satellite television, installation and service charges.
8310000063543UtilitiesOther Utilities
8311000063634Telecommunications media servicesTelecomm Other Srv Charges
8312000063661Information servicesCommunication Services
8400000060107Financial and Insurance ServicesFin & Acct ServicesThis segment includes services associated with finance, banking, investing and insurance. Included in this section are escrow services.
8410000060107Development financeFin & Acct Services
8411000060107Accounting and bookkeeping servicesFin & Acct Services
8412000060153Banking and investmentInvestment Counseling
8413000060104Insurance and retirement servicesOther Professional Services
8414000060107Credit agenciesFin & Acct Services
8500000060108Healthcare ServicesMedical ServicesThis segment includes services associated with both research and delivery of healthcare. This segment also includes traditional and alternative healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and therapists as well as services related to alternative medicine. This segment also includes hospitals, clinics, lab services and pharmacists.
8510000060108Comprehensive health servicesMedical Services
8511000060108Disease prevention and controlMedical Services
8512000060108Medical practiceMedical Services
8513000060108Medical science research and experimentationMedical Services
8514000060108Alternative and holistic medicineMedical Services
8515000060108Food and nutrition servicesMedical Services
8516000063811Medical Surgical Equip. Maint. Refurb. & Repair ServicesMaint Repair EquipmentThese are services to repair and/or maintain equipment used in healthcare.
8517000060108Death and dying support servicesMedical Services
8600000060181Education and Training ServicesEducational TrainingThis segment includes services associated with the supply of information leading to a reasoned understanding of a science, art, or technique. This segment also includes the supply of formal instruction or supervised practice especially in a skill, trade or profession.
8610000060181Vocational trainingEducational Training
8611000060181Alternative educational systemsEducational Training
8612000060181Educational institutionsEducational Training
8613000060181Specialized educational servicesEducational Training
8614000060181Educational facilitiesEducational Training
9000000062106Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment ServicesTrvl In St Meals_LodgingThis segment includes services associated with tourism, travel or entertainment. This segment also includes services provided by restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, cinemas and sporting events as well as spas, fitness and health clubs.
9010000067106Restaurants and cateringOfficial Occasion
9011000062106Hotels and lodging and meeting facilitiesTrvl In St Meals_Lodging
9012000062106Travel facilitationTrvl In St Meals_Lodging
9013000067106Performing artsOfficial Occasion
9014000067106Commercial sportsOfficial Occasion
9015000067106Entertainment servicesOfficial Occasion
9100000060305Personal and Domestic ServicesPurchased Contract/Temp SrvcsThis segment includes services associated with personal care and assistance such as domestic service and day and elderly care providers as well as hairdressers, manicurists, and pedicurists.
9110180060305Clothing rentalPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9111000060305Domestic and personal assistancePurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9111150060305Laundering servicesPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9200000060305Nat'l Defense & Public Order & Security & Safety ServicesPurchased Contract/Temp SrvcsThis segment includes services associated with the maintenance of law and order as well as personal safety and property protection. This segment also includes military service and fire fighting services.
9210000060305Public order and safetyPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9212000060305Security and personal safetyPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9300000060305Politics and Civic Affairs ServicesPurchased Contract/Temp SrvcsThis segment includes services associated with the representation and advancement of culture, community or social interests through either public or private programs. This segment also includes refugee assistance and disaster relief.
9310000060305Political systems and institutionsPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9311000060305Socio political conditionsPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9312000060305International relationsPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9313000060305Humanitarian aid and reliefPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9314000060305Community and social servicesPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9315000060305Public administration and finance servicesPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9316000060305TaxationPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9317000060305Trade policy and regulationPurchased Contract/Temp Srvcs
9400000067101Organizations and ClubsDues Prof MembershipThis segment includes representation services provided by organization of persons that have a common interest normally charged for as membership or association fees. This segment also includes clubs, unions and trade associations as well as civic organizations.
9500000082101Land and Buildings and Structures and ThoroughfaresPurchase Of LandLand and waterways and related real property physical and structural assets.
9510000082101Land parcelsPurchase Of LandA defined piece of land.
9510150082101Residential land parcelPurchase Of LandA defined piece of land used for a residential purpose.
9510160082101Commercial land parcelsPurchase Of LandA defined piece of land used to house commercial businesses.
9510170082101Industrial land parcelsPurchase Of LandA defined piece of land used to house industrial concerns.
9510180082101Governmental land parcelsPurchase Of LandA defined piece of land used to house governmental operations.
9510190082101Agricultural landPurchase Of LandA defined piece of land used for agricultural operations.
9511000082101ThoroughfaresPurchase Of LandParcels of land used to propagate transportation or transportation rights.
9511150082101Limited traffic thoroughfaresPurchase Of LandThoroughfares whose use is limited by order.
9511160082101Open traffic thoroughfaresPurchase Of LandNon restricted types of thoroughfares for public travel or transportation.
9512000082101Permanent buildings and structuresPurchase Of LandPermanent real property buildings and related structural assets.
9512150083102Commercial and entertainment buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures that are used for either commercial or entertainment purposes.
9512160083102Transport buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures that are used for transportation purposes.
9512170083102Public buildings and structuresPurchase Of Buildings
9512180083102Utility buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures used to provide various utility services.
9512190083102Educational and research buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings or structures used for educational or research services.
9512200083102Hospital buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsStructures and buildings used to provide hospital services.
9512210083102Accommodation buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings or structures used to provide accommodations for others.
9512230083102Sports and health buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings or structures used for sporting events or the provision of health services.
9512240083102Industrial buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings or structures used for Industrial purposes.
9512250083102Agricultural & farming & fishing bldgs & structuresPurchase Of Buildings
9513000082101Portable buildings and structuresPurchase Of LandBuildings and structures that are movable as a whole.
9513150083102Grandstands and bleachersPurchase Of BuildingsStructures used for the viewing of various events.
9513160083102Portable commercial and industrial buildings and structuresPurchase Of Buildings
9513170083102Tents and membrane structuresPurchase Of BuildingsTemporary structures made from textiles or membranes that are used for shelter or other purposes.
9514000082101Prefabricated buildings and structuresPurchase Of LandBuildings and structures used for various farm related purposes that were pre-constructed at one location and erected at another location.
9514150083102Prefabricated farm buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures used for various purposes that were pre-constructed at one location and erected at another location.
9514160083102Prefabricated residential buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures used for residential purposes that were pre-constructed at one location and erected at another location.
9514170083102Prefabricated commercial & industrial buildings & structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures used for commercial or industrial purposes that were pre-constructed at one location and erected at another location.
9514180083102Prefabricated emergency relief buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures used for emergency relief purposes that were pre-constructed at one location and erected at another location.
9514190083102Prefabricated medical buildings and structuresPurchase Of BuildingsBuildings and structures used for medical purposes that were pre-constructed at one location and erected at another location.
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