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Mileage Reimbursement

Employees requesting mileage reimbursement must complete a mileage log. The mileage may be determined by the employee’s vehicle odometer or MapQuest, the online mapping system adopted by the University.

Employees must submit the following to the Purchasing Office via email at  to obtain reimbursement:

Supporting documentation includes a print-out with point-to-point mileage calculated with MapQuest. In cases where an alternative route was used instead of the most cost-effective route, employees must include an explanation as to why the route was taken.

It is recommended that mileage reimbursements be submitted within five working days after a trip. Employees making frequent trips should refer to their department’s requirements on how often to submit mileage logs (i.e., weekly, monthly).

The IRS sets the maximum state mileage reimbursement rate; however, a state agency may specify a rate that is less than the maximum. The current reimbursement rates for the University can be found on the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website.

After the Purchasing Office reviews the mileage reimbursement documents, they are forwarded to the Accounting and Finance Office for payment.

For more information, contact the Purchasing Office at 956-882-6553 or see the Resources section.

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