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Wireless Communication Device Allowance

Employees who have an official state business need, and meet certain conditions, may request a monthly salary allowance for business expenses related to wireless telephones. The maximum allowance levels are as follows:

$85 - University Executive
$60 - University Director Level or above
$35 - Staff/Faculty

To request a salary allowance for wireless telephone service, complete a Wireless Communication Device Allowance Request form and obtain the necessary approvals. The Vice President with authority over the employee's department must approve the related salary allowance by confirming the required amount and signing the form. The signature authorizes the Office of Human Resources to process a salary change for the allowance. In most cases, departments will be required to prepare a Budget Amendment in order to process the salary change.

In addition, employees who secure communication equipment and service outside the University may receive a one-time equipment reimbursement not to exceed $100.00. To request this reimbursement, complete a Reimbursement Voucher and submit it to the Accounting and Finance Office along with a copy of the receipt showing proof of purchase.

For more information, contact the Office of Human Resources at 956-882-8205, the Accounting and Finance Office at 956-882-8202, or see HOP 11.3.5 - Wireless Phone Policy*.

* Policy under review.

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