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Performance Review Process

The University has a new staff Performance Review Process. The review process is an opportunity for employees and supervisors to communicate and work together to set goals and to help employees improve job performance.

Supervisors are required to conduct performance reviews on their employees by meeting individually with each staff member and completing the new Performance Review Form.

Performance Reviews are conducted for the purpose of employee development, goal setting and evaluating staff performance in relation to job expectations as well as exceptional merit goals.

The deadline for turning in all Staff Performance Reviews is October 31, 2014. Supervisors must submit the scanned performance appraisal forms to the Office of Human Resources by email to: or If you are having technical problems, need assistance with setting goals or have a question/comment/concern please contact: Office of Human Resources at ext. 8205.

You can access the review form and additional information regarding the staff performance review process at

All supervisors and employees are encouraged to take the performance review training before conducting the employee review to ensure a uniform, consistent and fair process. Training can be found at


The Review Form consists of several job factors which the supervisor will consider in order to rate each employee’s performance. The rating scale ranges from 1 (does not meet expectations) to 5 (substantially exceeds expectations). Employees and supervisors are advised that a rating of at least 3 (meets expectations) is considered the performance rating goal that each employee is expected to achieve and maintain.

Employees should be allowed the opportunity to assess their own performance, accomplishments and goals during the past year before meeting with the supervisor. During the performance review meeting with the supervisor, both parties can then discuss the employee’s progress. Employees are encouraged to obtain a copy of a blank Performance Review Form to help them assess their own performance, or if they choose to, may write their performance self-assessment on a sheet of paper and take it to the performance review meeting with their supervisor.


Jan 1, 2010 – Dec 31, 2010
Performance Period
Feb 10, 2011 – Mar 25, 2011
Performance Review Period
March 25, 2011
Performance Review forms due to the Office of Human Resources

Additional Information

For questions regarding the performance review process, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 956-882-8205.

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