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Outside Employment

Outside employment refers to any paid activity performed in addition to the official responsibilities of a University full-time employee.

No member of the faculty or staff should engage in any form of outside employment or activity which interferes with duties and responsibilities assigned to their position of appointment or conflicts with the interests of the State of Texas, The University of Texas System, or any of its components.

The employee must complete and obtain all necessary signatures on the Request for Prior Approval of Outside Employment form before beginning any outside employment.

An individual may not be employed in any outside activity or work or receive regular retainer fees or salary from an outside source until a description of the nature and extent of the employment has been submitted in writing to and approved by pertinent departmental authorities.

No employee engaged in outside employment will use University resources or use their official relationship to the University in connection with outside employment.

Employees are not discouraged from accepting appointments of a consultative or advisory capacity with governmental agencies, industry, or other educational institutions.


There exists an obligation to furnish expert knowledge and counsel for public benefit free of charge, provided this activity does not interfere with regular duties and provided the employee avoids undue competition with legitimate private agencies.

For guidelines and procedures governing outside employment, see HOP 7.4.8 – Faculty Outside Employment.


For guidelines and procedures governing outside employment, see HOP 8.2.8 – Staff Outside Employment.

For more information, refer to the governing statutes in the Resources section or contact the Office of Human Resources at 956-882-8205.

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