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Establishing Cost Centers

To establish a new cost center, contact the Budget Office and ask for a Request for Account Number/Department to be completed on your behalf. Be ready to provide relevant information regarding the need to create a new cost center and the type of revenues and expenses that are expected.

The Budget Office will review the request to determine if a new cost center should be created. If the request is approved, the Budget Office will process the request and forward it to the Accounting and Finance Office. The Accounting and Finance Office will assign a cost center number and inform the requisitioner when funds can be utilized.

Please Note:

  • An Authorized Signatures form must be submitted to the Purchasing Office to assign an Account Manager and designate delegates that can sign in absence of the Account Manager.
  • Department Managers are responsible for performing Cost Center and Leave Reconciliations on a timely basis for all the cost centers under their control.

For more information, contact the Budget Office at 956-882-7363 or the Accounting and Finance Office at 956-882-8202.

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