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During the course of a fiscal year, it may become necessary to adjust the Operating Budget. All changes to the Operating Budget are made through the Budget Transfer process.


Until workflow is available in PeopleSoft, Request for Budget Transfers will be processed as described below. After workflow is available, units will be able to enter Budget Transfers using PeopleSoft and route them for signature using the workflow feature.


  • Prepare a Budget Transfer Form to indicate the desired fund transfers.
  • Indicate if the transfer is either “Temporary” or “Permanent”. A Temporary transfer adjusts the current year’s budget, whereas a Permanent transfer adjusts current and future year’s budget.
  • Enter the cost center information. Visit the Cost Center Crosswalk to find the PeopleSoft equivalent of your DataTel cost centers.
  • Enter a “Budgetary Account”. The most commonly used Budgetary Accounts are listed below:

PeopleSoft Budget Levels - (OPE)​

A1000 – Staff Salaries

A3000 – Benefits

Administrative & Professional

Classified Staff ​


A1200 – Wages A4000 – Other Operating Expenses

Part Time Wages

Half Time Wages

Student Employees

Work-study – State

Work-study – Federal

Overtime ​

Maintenance & Operation





    A2000 – Faculty Salaries​

    A6000 – Debt Service ​

    Half Time Faculty

    Full Time Faculty

    Part Time Faculty Overloads

    Faculty Overloads​

    A7000 – Transfers

    A9000 – Reserve

    PeopleSoft Budget Levels - (OPR)

    TOTRV  – Total Revenue RTRFS – Revenue Transfers
    • Beginning Balance – Enter beginning balance as of September 1 of the appropriate fiscal year. Refer to the Operating Budget or contact the Budget Office for assistance.
    • Transfer – Enter the amount of increase or decrease. Do not enter negative numbers.
    • Ending Balance – The form has formulas that will automatically calculate the ending balance.
    • Reason for Change – Provide descriptive information as to why the amendment is being requested. Be sure to include specifics about the transaction, such as a Purchase Order number, the vendor name, or an employee’s name to distinguish the reason for this amendment from other similar amendments for your area.

    Approvals - Each division may have a different signature process. Please follow the hierarchy of signature approvals for your division. As a minimum, the Department Manager identified on the "Cost Center Crosswalk" must sign the form. Budget amendments to move funds across division lines require the approval of the Vice President for Business Affairs and the President.

    After entering all the above information, print out the form, obtain the necessary signatures, and submit it to Budget Office via email at

    For additional information, contact the Budget Office at 882-7363.

    For comments and questions, please contact the Webmaster.