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Open Records Request

The following are the requests for open records received by The University of Texas at Brownsville since March 1, 2012.

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Please note that requests for responsive documents for an existing are considered new requests under the TPIA.

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Request Responsive Documents
Mailing list for Grad Fair & Eligible students for Official Ring Mailing.
1. Names & Permanent mailing addresses for all students, undergrad & graduate status,
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
5942/19/2013I wish to request student’s name and email addresses/ mailing addresses for those who graduated from your university with a BS degree in 2012. Preferably those that were in the arStudent Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsIn Progress
5932/18/2013University Enrollment by College Fall Semester 2006-2010Statistical InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
Under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Government Code, I am requesting copies of The University of Texas at Brownsville student directory information inc
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsWithdrawn
I respectfully request copies of the University of Texas a Brownsville's electric bill for the fiscal year 2012, broken down by month. The monthly average will help us access
Expenditures/RevenuesRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted

The University of Texas at Brownsville 2013 spring graduate list of students, mailing, and email addresses to be used to communicate the cap and gown portraits to be taken at t

Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
This is a list request for all students who are graduating this upcoming Spring semester. Also, please reply to this email to confirm receipt of this request.
Student Directory InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I would like to receive records of dates I attended at UTB.
OtherRequest Responsive DocumentsWithdrawn
Pursuant to the state open records law, Tex. Gov't Code Ann. Secs. 552.001 to 552.35, I write to request the following information for University of Texas Brownsville:
Expenditures/RevenuesRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
I would like to know the percentage of Latitno/Hispanic faculty and staff to bring down a chapter of a national coed fraternity called Alpha Psi Lambda.
Statistical InformationRequest Responsive DocumentsCompleted
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