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HOP Updates

Below is the list of Handbook of Operating Policies (HOP) updates. The entire handbook is available at

7-4-11Oral English Proficiency for Teaching Personnel2/27/2014
7-4-1Academic Freedom/Responsibility2/27/2014
5-2-4Academic University Committees and Councils5/24/2013
10-2-6UTB Facilities Use Policy4/12/2013
5-2-6University Computing and Technology Committee (Removed)3/7/2013
11-3-2Telephone Service/Directory Information  (Removed)3/7/2013
11-3-3Telephone Service/Procurement Procedures (Removed)3/7/2013
11-3-1University Telephone Service/General Information (Removed)3/7/2013
7-7-2Reappointment of a Tenure-Track Faculty Member3/6/2013
6-1-9Collection of Tuition (Removed)2/21/2013
6-1-5Options to Pay Tuition and Mandatory Fees by Installment (Removed)2/21/2013
6-1-1Emergency Tuition and Fees Loan (Removed)2/21/2013
6-5-6Student Media1/7/2013
5-3-2Organization of the Business Affairs Division1/3/2013
5-3-1Purpose and Responsibilities of the Vice President for Business Affairs1/3/2013
10-7-1Account Manager's Responsibilities and Fiscal Accountability1/3/2013
10-9-2Environmental Health and Safety Office (Removed)1/3/2013
11-6-1Staff and Faculty Identification Cards (Removed)1/2/2013
10-1-6Texas Public Information Act12/12/2012
8-3-9Reduction in Force11/13/2012
10-1-5Official Report Copies for Institutional Research (Removed)10/31/2012
5-2-10Undergraduate Curriculum Committee10/19/2012
6-2-1Academic Standards and Student Records Committee10/19/2012
5-2-11Graduate Committee10/15/2012
6-5-5Registered Student Organization Statement of Policy (Removed)10/15/2012
6-2-7Student Health Services (Removed)10/8/2012
6-1-7Financial Aid Office Application Process, Policies and Procedures (Removed)10/2/2012
10-1-8Conflicts of Interest10/2/2012
1History of The University of Texas at Brownsville in Partnership with Texas Southmost College (Removed)9/17/2012
2The University of Texas at Brownsville Mission Statement, Philosophy Statement and Partnership Statement (as approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) (Removed)9/17/2012
5-7-1Partnership Committees (Removed)9/17/2012
5-8-1Purpose and Responsibilities/Vice President for Partnership Affairs (Removed)9/17/2012
5-8-2Organization of the Partnership Affairs Division (Removed)9/17/2012
8The University of Texas at Brownsville Compensation Policies (Removed)9/17/2012
8-1Classified Personnel Pay Plan (Removed)9/17/2012
7-6-7Textbooks and Other Materials Prescribed for Student Use9/4/2012
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