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Termination Notice

Supervisors must complete a Termination Notice for exiting employees, regardless of their classification (full-time, part-time, etc.)

Employees leaving voluntarily are responsible for providing their supervisor a written notice of intent to resign from the University that specifies their anticipated last day of work. This notice should be provided two weeks in advance by non-exempt employees and four weeks in advance by exempt employees.

Faculty resigning must follow HOP 7.7.1.

Supervisors must complete a termination notice as soon as they are aware of their employee’s separation in order to ensure payroll paperwork deadlines are met and the separating employee is not overpaid.

A letter of resignation must be attached to the termination notice if the exiting employee is:

  • resigning,
  • retiring,
  • transferring to another department, or
  • transferring to another state agency.

After obtaining the necessary signatures, the termination form should be routed to the Budget Office and the Office of Human Resources. Termination Forms should only be routed to the Office of Global Engagement if employee is a VISA holder.

The Budget Office will release funds back into the appropriate cost center(s) if the employee was a part-time worker. Funds for exiting employees who were full-time will not be released until the vacation pay has been settled. If employee is on a VISA, Office of Global Engagement will end SEVIS or withdraw H-1B petitions and Labor Condition Application.

The Office of Human Resources will use the termination notice to ensure the employee is paid appropriately. Human Resources staff will then place the notice in the employee’s personnel file. Please see the employee exit clearance checklist for additional requirements for terminating employees.

For more information, see the Resources section on the right column of this page or contact the Office of Human Resources at 956-882-8205.

Updated: January 2013

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