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Employee Reimbursements

Reimbursement of business expenses will be allowed only when the expenses are of demonstrable benefit to the University. HOP 10.5.2 – Business Expense Policy details what constitutes a demonstrable benefit and lists restrictions on some expenses.

Food Purchases

Employees requesting reimbursement for food purchases must:

  • complete an Employee Reimbursement for Food Purchased for Business Purposes form,
  • explain in the form the business purpose of the meal and why the event was held at that particular time,
  • obtain approval from the Account Manager and appropriate Vice President on the form, and
  • submit the approved form to the Accounting and Finance Office along with receipts.

A meal claimed under this procedure cannot also be claimed with the Travel Authorization and Reimbursement form.


Mileage and other University-related travel costs are reimbursed through the Mileage Reimbursement or Travel Authorization and Reimbursement procedures.

Other (excluding food AND mileage)

Employees requesting reimbursement must:

  • complete a Reimbursement Voucher and obtain the Account Manager’s signature on the form,
  • get provost’s approval if reimbursement is for:
    • dues and membership fees,
    • payments for tickets, benefits, or functions, or
    • spousal travel
  • submit the approved form to the Accounting and Finance Office along with receipts.

Reimbursement Options

The Accounting and Finance Office will issue reimbursement checks by mail or by direct deposit. The direct deposit option is only available if an account has been set up prior to submitting a reimbursement request.

For more information about employee reimbursements, contact the Accounting and Finance Office at 956-882-8202 or see the Resources section.

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