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 Spring 2013  Tutors' List

My name is  Keeisi Caballero, and I was born in Harlingen, Texas in 1995.  I completed my elementary in San Fernando, Tams then moved to Brownsville, Texas where I entered Stell Middle School. After that I was honored to attend Brownsville Early College High School where I have excelled at college level classes and will now be tutoring for Title V STEM learning communities. One day I will become an Air Force graduate with an aeronautical engineer master working for NASA.

My name is Kristel Castrejon and I was born in Matamoros Tamaulipas. I attended St. Luke Catholic School and Graduated for Saint Joseph Academy in 2010. I’m currently a junior pursuing a Bachelor in Biology at the University of Texas at Brownsville. I have been working with Title V for three consecutive semesters as a History tutor and peer adviser, helping high school and college students. This semester I will also be working as a Biology tutor. I hope to help students get the best education while they are taking college courses.



My name is Katellen Gomes and I will be a tutor for math.  My goal is to become a physician assistant and at this moment I am working on my biology degree. I am very responsible and outgoing person. I enjoy working with others and I am always there when they need help.

My name is Zack Gorman and I am a tutor for Cell and Molecular Biology.  I am currently a senior here at UTB and working towards my Bachelor’s degree in biology.  In the future, I plan on going to medical school and/or earning a Ph.D. in the fields of genetics or molecular biology.  I am excited to be a Title V tutor and look forward to helping anyone who needs it. 

My name is Danny Hurtado and I am currently in my junior year of college. I am a chemistry major who hopes to one day enter pharmacy school and eventually own my own pharmaceutical company, as well as a sports nutrition company. I enjoy long walks on the beach, lab experiments, and making people laugh. I really enjoy helping people so I look forward to working with freshmen/sophomores and to helping them realize and achieve greatness!

My name is Joe Lara. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Brownsville. At the university level, I’ve performed extensive undergraduate and graduate research on material chemistry, nanomaterials, bioanalyses of plant extracts, and polymeric matrixes. I’ve taught Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry Laboratories as part of my graduate experience, as well. I am currently tutoring Organic Chemistry I and College Algebra I as a STEMS tutor.

My name is Juan Loera. I tutor programming fundamentals and also work in the Robotics Competition Outreach at UTB. I am a Junior studying Computer Engineering. My dream job is to work for companies that build unmanned systems for the U.S. Military. I'm glad to be working with Title V!

My name is Noelia Luna I am a history tutor, and I am currently a senior here at UTB.  I am a psychology major, and my goal is to be a psychotherapist and maybe one day open up my own private practice. I enjoy music, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy helping others as much as I can.

My name is Luz Macias. I am a junior majoring in Psychology and an English tutor. My goal is to become a clinical psychologist and eventually own a counseling clinic. Psychology is my passion; I enjoy doing research in psychology. I am an outgoing and friendly person. I really enjoy helping others, so I look forward to working with my future tutees

My name is Andrea E. Martinez, and I am a BECHS senior and UTB sophomore. As an English tutor, I will primarily work towards helping students improve their reading and writing skills. Although I don't see my future as clearly as other people see theirs, I just plan on doing what I love; I enjoy reading, learning new words and ideas, being outside, and helping others as much as I can. I hope to share my passion for these things with those whom I will be tutoring.

My name is Melissa Millan. I started working as a mentor with Title V, and I’m currently a History and Composition tutor. I’m a current student here at the University of Texas, majoring as an English High School Teacher. I have a passion for teaching, and I’m also very interested in radio broadcasting. I have been a broadcaster for UTB Radio, since Fall 2010. I enjoy spending time with my family, and I really love my job as a tutor. I’m always looking forward to help students with their academic work.

My name is Stephany Montoya, and I am a freshman in college. I have an Associate's in General Arts, and I am pursuing a Bachelor's in English and a Teaching Certificate.  I am going to be an English tutor for Title V, and I hope that I can help students with whatever problem they have.

My name is Samantha Olvera. I am a biology major and am working to get into medical school. This semester I will be tutoring precalculus and biology. My goal is to share my knowledge of the fields I will be tutoring with the students.

My name is Jeisel Quintanilla, and I am currently a Freshman/Junior here at UTB, and I am working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics – 4th through 8th Grade Teaching. I want to become an educator because I love the feeling of being able to help and see students understand and succeed. I am eager to start off a new semester.

My Name is Coral Ramos. I am a junior Exercise Science major and a College Algebra tutor and peer mentor. My goal is to become a Physical Therapist. I love to play soccer and spend time with my family. I am a friendly tutor and I like helping students with Math.

My name is Roy Resendiz and I am a tutor for History. I am currently studying at UTB for my Bachelor’s in a computer related field. Although I am a far way away from becoming an Apple computer engineer, it has always been one of my dreams. For the meanwhile, I am excited to tutor my peers at Title V and I will always be glad to help you.

My name is Manuel Reyna and I am a Math major. I am tutor for a wide array of math classes ranging from College Algebra to Calculus. I hope to finish my degree in Fall 2013. I like staying active and enjoy playing basketball as well as running and lifting weights. I enjoy travelling and taking roadtrips. I have been to roughly half of the US states.  I look forward to meeting you guys.

My Name is Michael Roa and I am a biology major working towards going to medical school. I enjoy tutoring and helping others. Pretty much everyone can succeed in college and us tutors are here to help out. Any questions feel free to ask, and I look forward to working with you.

My name is Erika Rodriguez, and I'm a tutor for the Title V program. I'm a graduate the Brownsville Early College High School and I'm also a full time student at UTB/TSC. I'm interested in pursuing a major in biology. I'm an outgoing and positive person that likes to be around people.

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