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To appeal academic suspension, students must submit a written appeal with supporting documentation to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The appeal must explain the mitigating circumstances that prevented them from meeting the required academic standards. The committee decision will be an approval or a denial. The committee decision will be rendered via e-mail and the decision of the committee is final. An approval allows the student to return on probation (as defined below). A denial requires that the student stay out for a fall or spring semester.
The appeal application must be submitted to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, located in the Life & Health Sciences Building, Room 2.402 or by fax to 956-882-6591.
The appeal will be considered only if the reasons for not meeting the requirements for GOOD STANDING or PROBATION are due to Medical or Personal mitigating circumstances.
The appeal will be considered only if the appeal application is complete.
The application for appeal must include:
  1. Unofficial Transcript
  2. Essary
  3. Verfication of Medical or Personal circumstances


  • An Unofficial Transcript may be obtained from the Registrar's Office or printed from UTB Online.
  • Essay:  Write an essay that
    1. Provides a detailed but concise explanation of the cirumstances that led to your poor academic performance and that are relevant to your academic probation and/or suspension. Be sure to include a semester explanation of the circumstances which led to your current academic status and
    2. Provides a detailed plan for returning by explaining how you will meet your financial, career and academic goals (see below).

                   a. Financial

Write an explanation of how you will pay for classes. Consider these possibilities: financial aid, if approved; wages from work; other benefits, such as VA, Social Security, Unemployment, or Workmen's Compensation; family and friends; savings or assets; other.

b. Career

Write an explanation of how you will reach your long-term career goals. Include how you can develop the skills that are necessary for the jobs your are interested in. Areas you should address include work habits, study strategies, and relevant work experience (part-time, internships, volunteer).


      c. Academic

Write an explanation of how you have changed your circumstances and behavior to be more academically successful. Areas you should address include time management, study skills, regular attendance, transportation arrangements, faculty visits, and advising sessions. Identify the campus resources and services you will use when you return.

   3.    Verification of mitigating circumstances.

    • Medical Circumstance (Physical and or/ Mental): Provide documentation from doctor or hospital indicating dates of absence from school, diagnosis, treatment plan, and a schedule of when you will be ready to return to school.
    • Peronal Circumstance (affecting you and/or immediate family such as a divorce, death in the family, financial problems, job loss or other hardship): Provide documentation from counselor, clergy, lawyer, court, bank, employer, etc., to verify the specific circumstance.




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