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NURS 5600 Transition to Graduate Nursing
This course is designed to transition the registered nurse, with a baccalaureate degree in a field other than nursing, to graduate nursing. This course focuses on the behaviors, attitudes and values necessary for theory-based professional nursing practice. LEC 6 , CR 6

NURS 6322 Moral and Ethical Issues in Nursing
This course provides a study of ethical issues in nursing. Emphasis is placed on the influence of moral and ethical positions on behavior and decision making in policy formulation and practice. This course helps the student identify action that reflects amoral or ethical positions in various nursing contexts, and understand how moral and ethical beliefs influence behavior, relate selected moral and ethical theories to position-taking, specify a personal position on moral and ethical issues in nursing, and identify the consequences of taking a position. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6323 Theories and Conceptual Models of Nursing Practice
This course includes discussion of concepts and theories in nursing and other disciplines and facilities formation of a conceptual basis for advancing knowledge and practice. Relevant theoretical concepts from related fields of study such as social and biological sciences, educational, organizational and leadership theory will be explored and applied to nursing practice. LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6333 Research in Nursing
This course introduces students to the procedures and methods utilized in conducting clinical and epidemiological population based research. The planning and design of research proposals and projects are undertaken. The various types of nursing research are examined, and critical analysis of research articles and research design are stressed. Students prepare research proposals during the course and focus on problem identification, literature review and analysis, project description and evaluation, and measurement of health care outcomes. The implementation of the students research project is completed in NURS 7300 Field Experience Masters Project. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6351 Nursing Leadership, Theory and Health Care Politics in a Changing World
This course examines leadership and role theory within the context of nursing and the enactment of the leadership role. The structure and discipline of nursing will be examined with particular emphasis on theories, models, and conceptual frameworks. Changes in health care delivery and implication for health status, nursing education, research and service are explored. This course also involves the process for analysis of funding (local, state, federal) LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6354 Advanced Community Nursing
In this course students analyze the theory and role of nurses working with aggregates, including assessing communities through use of epistemologies methods; defining and prioritizing health problems; and developing proposals for resolution of diagnosed problems. Course content is designed to build on baccalaureate education to further promote critical thinking skills necessary to perform autonomously in community health environments. Students will use the course concepts in a clinical application project that reflects leadership in the students chosen degree emphasis area. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6362 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Education
This course focuses on the theoretical foundations of teaching, learning innovations, and the multifaceted role of the nurse educator in multiple settings. These theories will be examined for their utility across a variety of settings and levels of education. LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6363 Curriculum Development in Nursing
Focuses on the curriculum development process in nursing. Examines the philosophy, conceptual framework, objectives and program evaluation in curriculum development. Explores the relationship and significance of these elements and their impact on curriculum implementation. Examines external factors that impact decisions about curriculum design. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6365 Educational Evaluation in Nursing
This role support course introduces the student to the evaluation process in nursing education. The course provides basic knowledge of evaluation design and strategies for evaluating learning outcomes in nursing education along with overall curriculum and
program evaluation. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6366 Instructional Design and Online Teaching in Nursing
This course will examine processes for designing nursing instruction for effective and efficient delivery. Included is the process of instructional design in an online nursing education context. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6370 Nursing Administration Concepts and Theory
Concepts and theories related to organizational structure and the administration process are used to examine the roles and responsibilities of the nurse manager in healthcare organizations. The influence of environmental, technological, and professional forces on the structure and functions of healthcare and nursing service organization and on the role of the nurse manager is explored. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6371 Health Care Change, Negotiation and Conflict Management
This course examines organizational behavior, total quality management, change theory, and team building application of implementing change, negotiation, and managing conflict in an ever-changing health care environment. The course also addresses empowerment, shared governance, and problem-solving/negotiation models. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6372 Health Care Finance
This course presents students with the financial aspects of management across health care settings. Students examine the financial issue in delivery models in such areas as managed care and explore technologies of cost analysis, strategic planning in budgeting and marketing, and forecasting. Analysis of staffing and case mix, regulatory impacts, and financial interactions with resource allocations are also included. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6374 Clinical Leadership in Nursing
Explores aspects of horizontal and vertical leadership central to the Clinical Nurse Leadership role. Quality management and improvement, communication processes, and evidenced-based practice initiatives within a micro system are stressed. Strategies for the efficient use of resources while maintaining safe and effective patient care are emphasized. LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6380 Special Topics in Nursing
This course gives the student the opportunity to study contemporary topics and issues within a specific subject area in the discipline of nursing. May be repeated once as topics vary. LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 6381 Holistic Approaches to Chronic Health Disorders
This course provieds an overview of the holistic nusing approach, along with comonly encountered chronic conditions, ranging from diabetes to sleep disorders. The student will explore interventions for conditions including recommendations for diet, herbal supplements (if appropriate), and therapies such as acupressure, guided imagery, and stress managemant. Treatment planning emphasizes minimally invasive wellness approaches. The student identifies specific chronic disease and gives examples of holistic nursing assesment, a collaborative treatment plan with a list of possible interventions.

NURS 6382 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
This course focuses on clinical reasoning and clinical outcomes, information systems and management, evidence-based practice, and scholarship/scientific writing. It promotes the development skills in using the research process to define clinical research problems with application to practice. LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6383 Advanced Pathophysiology
Physiology and pathologic mechanisms of diseases encountered in a clinical or hospital based practice, which will serve as a foundation for clinical assessment, decision making, and management utilizing a holistic methodology in the clinically focused graduate nurse or the advanced practice nurse. LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6384 Advanced Health Assessment
Study of the acquisition of evidenced-based research knowledge and the application of complex holistic skills in comprehensive assessment with a focus on differential and interpretation of normal and abnormal findings across the lifespan. Knowledge includes common tests performed in the hospital or primary practice site. Variables will include a multicultural population and various age groups. Oral, written, and electronic communication of findings using a collaborative approach with other health care providers and the patient will be emphasized. The clinical component of this course will provide opportunity for interpretation of findings and practicing complex assessment techniques. Prerequisites: NURS 6383 and NURS 6385. LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6385 Advance Pharmocotherapeutics
Study of advanced pharmacotherapeutics across the lifespan, the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics impact medications have on the human body (interactions and adverse effects) with an emphasis a holistic, multicultural, and critical thinking paradigm approach to decision making in the primary care environment. Discussions will be focused on evidenced-based research including current literature review, case studies, laws governing prescriptive authority and the dispensing of medicines, in relationship to clients from diverse cultures, ethnicity, economics and age. Prerequisite: NURS 6383 LEC 3 , CR 3

NURS 6464 Teaching Roles and Strategies
This course focuses on the roles of nursing faculty. It includes an analysis of teaching/learning theories, teaching strategies, classroom climate, learning environments and evaluation of teaching/learning. Examination of distance education is included. The course involves the application of teaching/learning theories, strategies and evaluation in an actual education situation. LEC 4, CR 4

NURS 7300 Professional Scholarship in Nursing Practice
This is a Capstone Masters Project spent in an agency or educational setting of the students’ choice in which the research project, chosen in NURS 6333, Research in Nursing, is completed.

NURS 7301 Nursing Thesis I
The student completed an individual research project under the direction and supervision of a graduate thesis committee. The thesis is defended publicly and approved by a majority of the committee. Prerequisite: Approval of the graduate nursing advisor.
LEC 3, CR 3

NURS 7302 Nursing Thesis II
As a continuation of Thesis I the student completes an individual research project under the direction an supervision of a graduate thesis committee. The thesis is defended publicly and approved by a majority of the committee. Prerequisite: Approval of graduate
nursing advisor. LEC, CR 3

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