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Program of Studies

Graduate degrees are awarded on the basis of scholarship, reasoning and investigative abilities, and evidence of proficiency in the student’s area of emphasis. Upon admission to the graduate program, the appropriate Departmental Chair will assign a Faculty Advisor to assist in developing the formal, typed Program of Study designed to meet proficiency levels, certification, and professional needs of the student.

A Program of Study must be approved by the Faculty Advisor, Graduate Coordinator or Program Director the Chairperson of the major department, and the Dean of Graduate Studies. After signatures are secured, the Office of Graduate Studies will distribute copies to the student, the Faculty Advisor, and the Chairperson of the major department. The Office of Graduate Studies will retain the original Program of Study in the student’s file.

The Program of Study should be developed in consultation with the Faculty Advisor during the first semester of graduate work and must contain the following elements:

  • A brief narrative statement giving the overall objectives of the program and special certification desired.
  • Methods for achieving these objectives, i.e., courses listed in the degree plan, experiences, thesis and tentative research problems.
  • The proposed method and anticipated date of the final evaluation.

The design of each individual program is very important. Those individuals holding a graduate degree are seen by society as having an advanced state of general knowledge, as well as specific knowledge in their fields of study. Thus, it is incumbent upon the institution, the graduate faculty, and the students to ensure that those upon whom the degree is conferred are knowledgeable in their fields.

Although the minimum number of hours required for degrees is determined in accordance with the program as listed in the catalog, this should not be construed to indicate a maximum number of hours for any particular student. Each individual Program of Study may vary as to the total number of hours necessary to receive the degree. The official Program of Study may be revised upon written request of the Faculty Advisor to the Dean of Graduate Studies


A student will be governed by the Graduate Catalog in effect at the time of official notification of admission to graduate studies or may choose to graduate following the requirements of the most current catalog. Should a graduate student fail to enroll for a full calendar year, the catalog requirements in effect at the time of readmission will apply. State of Texas regulations with regards to certification programs taken as part of a graduate program do not supersede university graduate degree program requirements.

Students must complete all graduate work for a degree within seven years of the time of their first graduate course registration. Graduate courses more than seven years old will not be accepted for credit toward a degree program. Students who have compelling reasons for interruption of their graduate programs may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies for an extension of the time limit.  


Program of Study

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