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Thesis titles of graduate

Catherine M. Winter (December 1995). Friendship in Mrs. Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters, Mimosa Stephenson, Chair

Mireya C. Henggeler (April 1996).Reading Comprehension and Second Language Learners, Dr. Graciela P. Rosenberg, Chair

Mary E. Means (June 1996). Early School Factors Affecting TAAS Mathematics Test Scores in the San Benito, Texas Consolidated Independent School District, Dr. Walter R. Howard, Chair

Bonita J. Peterson (July 1996). A Comparison of the Performance of Remediated and Non-Remediated Writing Students in a College-Level English Course, Dr. Graciela P. Rosenberg, Chair

Sylena Goller (November 1997). A Survey of Technology Use in PK-12 Public Education Schools in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Charles Comeaux, Chair

Michael Scott Van Wagenen (April 1999). The Texas Republic and the Modern Kingdom of God: The Attempt to Establish a Theocratic Nation in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands in 1844, Dr. James B. Sullivan, Chair

Dallas Ray Smetter (April 2000). The Importance of Technology Skills for Educators: Discrepancies Between Perceptions of Teachers and Administrators, Dr. Michael Sullivan, Chair

Monica Delgado Van Wagenen (April 2001). The Sacred and the Mundane: Images of Deity in Ordinary Objects in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Dr. David Pearson, Chair

John Clark Owen (August 2001). James Joyce and Rolando Hinojosa: Artists in a Colonial Milieu, Dr. Farhat Iftekharuddin, Chair

Mayra Cerda (August 2002). The Formation of the Self Through Dialogue in Don Quixote and Joseph Andrews, Dr. Cheryl Phelps, Chair

Terry W. Wesley (December 2002). Symbolic Realism in La Muerte de Artemio Cruz By Carlos Fuentes: The Very Pith and Substance of Narration, Dr. Charles Dameron

Enrique Pazos Avalos (July 2004).  Fourth Order Convergent Numerical Integrations of the Teukolsky Equation, Dr. Carlos Lousto, Chair

Anissa C. Longoria (July 2004). The Evolution of Hump: The Sea Wolf as an Exemplification of Maslow’s Theory of Motivation, Dr. Charles Dameron

Ernest Lee Anton Bruns Jr. (October 2004). Efficacy of Collaborative Self-Direction in a Technical Training Program, Dr. Michael Sullivan, Chair

Santiago Pena (October 2004). Grid Based Data Analysis for Lisa Capture Sources, Dr. Manuela Campanelli, Chair

Miranda H. Dettwyler (November 2004). Comparing Methods for Determining Quasi-Circular Orbits in Multiple Black-Hole Initial Data, Dr. Carlos Lousto, Chair

Arturo Jimenez Salazar (November 2004). Exploration of Some Gravitational Wave Burst Detection Algorithms, Dr. Soumya Mohanty, Chair

Martha Placeres (April 2005). Three Violin Sonatas By Twentieth Century Mexican Composers: An Alternative to the Standards Violin Literature with Pedagogical Application, Dr. Sue Urbis, Chair

Martha Jean (April 2005). Learning Centers in the Elementary Music Classroom, Dr. Sue Urbis, Chair

Adriana G. Capetillo (April 2005). Children’s Literature in the Orff-Schulwerk Music Classroom, Dr. Sue Urbis, Chair

Ramiro Juarez Ruiz (April 2005). Identidad chicana en las obras de Rolando Hinojosa: Un analisis de la estructura, el lenguaje y los temas se la obra Claros varones de Belken con relacion a la identidad, Dr. Lindia Diaz, Chair

Mary Katherine Raines (June 2005). Satan and 44, the Angles of Enlightenment in Mark Twain’s “Mysterious Stranger” Manuscripts, Dr. Charles Dameron, Chair

Guillermo Napoleon Hernandez Warren (July 2005). Solution of the Teukolsky Equation with at Point Source in Time Domain, Dr. Richard Price, Chair

Jonathan Torvik Jones (October 2005). The Reach Beyond Babel: Persuasion and Schemata in Indo-European Scholarship, Dr. Alan Church, Chair

Robert Stone (October 2005). The Exploration of Multivariate Data Visualization Methods for the Analysis of Burst Signals in Gravitational-wave Interferometric Data, Dr. Soumya Mohanty, Chair

Uwe Hoffmann (November 2005). Listening and Response Skills to Student Questions, Dr. James Telese, Chair

Angelica M. Fuentes (November 2005). Reading Achievement and Attitudes Toward Cooperation Learning Among Hispanic Developmental Reading Students in Higher Education, Dr. Paula Parson, Chair

Gina V. Ortiz (November 2005). On an Ellipsoid Packing Algorithm For a Solid, Dr. Taeil Yi, Chair

Pedro A. Paz Jr. (December 2005) On Schemes the Order of Which is a Prime Number, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang, Chair

E. Anthony Reisinger, Jr. (March 2006). Mercury Concentrations in South Texas Game Fishes, Dr. Genaro Lopez, Chair

Arlene Ready (March 2006). A Profile of the Reading Attitudes and Literacy Histories of Developmental Reading Students in a Predominantly Hispanic Postsecondary Institution, Dr. Paula Parson, Chair

Adrienne Rodriguez-Zermeno (April 2006). Computer Simulation Experiences in the General Physics Laboratory, Dr. Phillip Ducks, Chair

Christina Banuelos (April 2006). The Effects of Status Epilepticus on
Neuronal Population in the Septum of Sprague-Dawley Rats, Dr. Luis Colom, Chair

Luis A. Sanchez (May 2006). A role of almost invertible maps in geometric topology, Dr. Jerzy Mogilski, Chair

Kaycie M’Lee Sullivan (July 2006). Effects of Texas Tech University Junction Outdoor School on 5th Grade Texas Students, Dr. Michael Sullivan,

Sun Mi Yoo (July 2006). Nonparametric regression analyses of gravitational wave data, Dr. Vesselin Vatchev, Chair

Bart Webb (November 2006). Category 5 Hurricane Evacuation Analysis of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas: Maximum Flow Problem, Dr. Jorge Navarro,  Chair

Lucrecia Alanis (November 2006). The Effect of the Consistency of Program Participation in a Dual Language Program on Reading, Dr. John Sutterby, Chair

Rene D. Lerma (December 2006). On a Theorem of Fermat, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

Jose Arizmendi Jr. (April 2007). The Effects of Music Interventions in Greif Counseling, Dr. Manuel Zamarripa, Chair

Mirna Gabriela Vasquez (June 2007). Matilda Burgos: Desafiado El Patriarcado Desde La Marginalidad En Nadie Me Vera Llorar de Cristina Rivera Garza, Dr. Lidia Diaz, Chair

Laura Patricia Robledo (June 2007). Iconos Y Rupturas en la Configuracion del Personaje Fermenino en Dona Juana Tenorio de Christina Gutierrez Richaud, Dr. Lidia Diaz, Chair

Aida Stinson (June 2007). Reivindicacion se la Hispanidad en la Obra Literaria de Alma Flor Ada, Dr. Lidia Diaz, Chair 2008

Angela Kaberline (November 2007). Operationalizing Learning Communities at a Hispanic Serving Institution, Dr. Charles Chapman, Chair 

Juan Miguel Atkinson (November 2007). Optimization of Imaging Conditions for the Visualization of DNA and DNA-Protein/Polymer Interactions Using Atomic Force Microscopy, Natalia Guevara, Chair

Christopher Carmona (November 2007).  The Legacy of Joan Vollmer:  The Short Significant Life of a Beat Woman,  Dr. Javier Martinez, Chair

Arnold D. McElroy Jr. (November 2007). Effectiveness in Student Performance of Limited and Full Device Simulators, Dr. Cheng-Chang, Chair

Omar Zamora (April 2008). Hurricane Katrina Emergency Response Operations in Search of a Better Response, Dr. Alexander Dawoody, Chair

Gabriel J. Williams, Jr. (May 2008). A Statistical Analysis of Double White Dwarf Binaries in the Lisa Gravitational Wave Foreground, Dr. Matthew Benacquista, Chair.

Edgar Zeferino de la Cruz Vázquez (April 2008). On Association Schemes of Order 4, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang, Chair

Guillermo Adrian Valdes (April 2008). Study of Interdependence of LIGO Auxiliary and Main Gravitational Wave Channels Using Information Theory Methods, Dr. Mario Diaz, Chair

Shaghayegh Azadi Setayesh (April 2008). A Recognition Theorem for Association Schemes of Finite Valency, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang, Chair

Ke Jia Li (April 2008). Pulsar Timing as a Probe of non-Einsteinian Polarizations of Gravitational Waves, Dr. Fredrick Jenet, Chair

Michael J. Grebb (April 2008). Improving Homework Completion Rates in the Middle School Classroom, Dr. Bobbette M. Morgan, Chair  

Amy Ferguson Baker (April 2008). The Humor of Fanny Fern, Dr. Mimosa Stephenson, Chair

Felicia Farquhar (November 2008). Feeding Ecology of the Intertidal Mole Crab, Emerita Talpoida: Response to Algal Biomass Concentration, Nutritional Quality, and Particle Size, Dr. David Hicks, Chair

Perla Jessica Martinez (August 2008). Intracellular cytokine expression and white blood cell phenotype profiles in TB and TB/T2DM patients: optimization and validation protocol for field studies, Dr. Heather Poetschke, Chair

Nazul H. Grimaldo (November 2008). A Dovetailing Approach to Solving the Subgraph Isomorphism Problem, Dr. Liyu Zhang, Chair

Maria Teresa Aguirre (November 2008). The Role of the Fat Mass Index in Determining Obesity, Dr. Emilio Garrido Sanabria, Chair

Jessica Aulasa Camerlin (November 2008). Odd Man Out: Chinese Exclusion in the Works of John Rollin Ridge and Other Late Nineteenth-Century American Writers, Dr. Lyon Rathbun, Chair

Wiktor Jerzy Mogilski (April 2009). The Four-Vertex Theorem, The Evolute, and The Decomposition of Polygons, Dr. Oleg Musin, Chair

Pavel Hinev (April 2009). Fast Online Handwritten Character Recognition using DTW pruning, Dr. Hansheng Lei, Chair

Ezhil Arasan Manoharan (April 2009). Analytic and Numerical Study of a Gravitational Wave Coherent Network Analysis Statistics, Dr. Soumya Mohanty, Chair

Yan Wang (April 2009). Strong field effects on pulsar arrival times, Dr. Richard Price, Chair

Claudia Louise Ortega (June 2009).  Blessed is the Man Whose Heart is set on Pilgrimage: The Canterbury Tales:  A Living Penitential Manual, Dr. Diana Dominguez, Chair

Erica K. Guevara (July 2009).  Identity Crisis:  The Missing Female Self in Flannery O'Connor's Short Fiction,   Dr. Javier Martinez, Chair

Jose Antonio Garcia Hernandez (July 2009).  Septo-Hippocampal System Alterations in the Pilocarpine Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Dr. Luis Colom, Chair

Rosimeire Santos (November 2009). Prototype of Main Memory Database Systems, Dr. Juan R. Iglesias

Erika M. Cornejo (November 2009). Fish Assemblage Dynamics in the Re-flooded Bahia Grande, Dr. David W. Hicks

Tracia Forman (November 2009). Associate Degree Nursing Student Stress Assessment, Dr. Marge Chavez

Joseph Sugar (December 2009). On a Theorem of Krull and Akizuki, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

Edward Walk (March 2010).  Testing the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis for Artificial Reef Fouling Communities, Dr. David W. Hicks

Charlotte Johnson Smith (March 2010).  Increasing Effective Inter-Professional Communication, Dr. Dianna Garcia-Smith

Amy Flores (March 2010).  The Effect of Expanded Discharge Instructions to Congestive Heart Failure Patients on Readmission Rates, Dr. Dianna Garcia-Smith

Arturo Jimenez salazar (August 2010) Niveles de interpretacion y metafora en la obra de egon wolff, Dr. Lidia Diaz

Andrew keese (July 2010) Politics of pansies: D.H. lawrence's philosophical vision of reform, Dr. Noor Islam

Matthew R. Haulmark (July 2010) Homology negligible sets, Dr. Jerzy Mogilski

Randall Adrian (August 2010) The Uncivil War Waged against Unionists in Texas 1860-1890, Dr. Anthony Knopp

Apolinar Zapata (November 2010) Alogorithms for Driving Directions, Dr. Oleg Musin

Chinthaka  Kottahachchi (November 2010) A study of the Performance of Gravitational Wave Detector Networks for Supernovae Waveforms, Dr. Soumya Mohanty

Thilina Shihan Weerathunga (November 2010) Study of Narrowband Noise in Gravitational Wave Interferometers be accepted as fulfilling the thesis requirement of the degree Master of Science in Physics, Soma Mukerjee

Esteban Miguel Rangel (November 2010) A Monte Carlo Approach to K-Medoids Clustering, Dr. Lappoon R. Tang

Yair Gamaliel Acosta (November 2010) Lexicon Completion for Semantic Parsing: an Approach Using Wordnet for Learning Synonyms, Dr. Lappoon R. Tang

Saul Jaime (October 2010) The Role of Medial Septal Gabaergic Neurons in Hippocampal Theta Rhythim Generation, Dr. Luis V. Colom

April L. Ghionzoli (March 2011) An Action Research Investigation into the Impact of Geogebra on Third Graders' Understanding of Geometry Concepts, Dr. James A. Telese

Maksym Klyuchar (March 2011) Undp Ukraine /Crimea Integration and Development Programme: Values, Knowledges and Implications for Decision-Making, Dr. James Storbeck

Abraham Jimenez (April 2011) Basic Structure Theory of Hypergroups, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

Tarun Pandari (April 2011) Development and Design of Polyclonal Antibodies for Vesicular Glutamate Transporter Type 1, Dr. Emilio Garido Sanabria

Jose Juan Nava (April 2011) Gagging the Media: The Paramilitarization of Drug Trafficking Organizations and its Consequences on the Freedom of Press in the Texas-Tamaulipas Border Region, Dr. Sherry Mccullough

Oliver Schouteden (May 2011) French-Born Settlers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley 1821-1900: Immigration, Influence, Integration and Identity, Dr. Harriett Denise Joseph

Luis Yurazy Castañeda (July 2011) Busqueda Identitaria en los Comentarios Reales del Inca Garcilaso y el Poema I am Joaquin: Una Vision Desde los Estudios Postcoloniales e Interculturales, Dr. Jose Davila Montes

Teresa Rodriguez (July 2011) Power of the Powerless: Female Protagonists Managing Men and Other Women in Margaret Oliphant's Chronicles of Carlingford, Dr. Mimosa Stephenson

Ting Zhang (July 2011)  Using Particle Swarm Optimization for Mining LIGO data: A Preliminary Study and Lessons Learned, Dr. Lappoon Rupert Tang

Evert Hernandez (November 2011) Primitive Elements of Certain Finite Galois Extensions Over the Field of Rational Numbers, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

Fély Catan (November 2011) La Literatura del Sujeto Colonizado: Un Estudio de la Cuestión a Traves de las Obras de José María Heredia Y Gabriel de la Concepción Valdes <<Placido>>, Dr. Elena Vega-Sampayo

Alix Riviere (November 2011) Creole Identity in Twentieth Century New Orleans, Dr. Philip Samponaro

Juan Alvaro Castro (November 2011) Libretmx: A Free Localization Database Using TMX, Dr. Juan Raymundo Iglesias

Vanessa M. Martinez (November 2011) The Associations Between Psychological Needs, Barriers, and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in College-Aged Mexican-American Females, Dr. David Wittenburg

Papia Rizwan (December 2011) Study of Time Domain Classification Methods for Broadband Noise in Gravitational Wave Data, Dr. Soma Mukherjee

Carlos Partida (December 2011)  Abnormal Morphological Plasticity of the Hippocampal Mossy Fiber Pathway in Chronic Epileptic Rats,  Dr. Emilio Garrido-Sanabria

Joshua L. Bradford (April 2012)  Users Dream, Computers Sleep: An Open Source Brain-Computer Interface for Computer Control and Interaction, Dr. Mahmoud K. Quweider

Sourabh Nampalliwar (April 2012)  Detection of Pulsar Beams Deflected by the Black Hole in Sgr A*: Effects of Black Hole Spin, Dr. Richard Price

Lauro Salazar (April 2012) Accelerating Multimedia Processing Algorithms Using GPU Computing Architectures, Dr. Mahmoud K. Quweider

Lauren Fisher (April 2012) Children in Deportation Proceedings: A Study of Competency, Dr. John A. Sutterby

Troy D. McWhorter (April 2012) Assessing the Swash Zone Macrobenthic Community Response to a Beach Renourishment Episode on South Padre Island, Texas, Dr. David W. Hicks

Liliana Zamfir (April 2012) Complete Discrete Valuation Rings, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

Froyland Trejo (April 2012) Hierarchical Fourier Descriptor Signatures for Image Retrieval, Dr. Mahmoud K. Quweider

Jacob Schmidt (April 2012) Issues in VOIP Communication for Enterprise Deployment, Dr. Mahmoud K. Quweider

Maria Lang (May 2012) Supporting Literacy Development of English Language Learners through Culturally Relevant Texts, Dr. Yvonne Freeman

Charity Cavazos (July 2012) The Effects of Aerobic Exercise with Blood Flow Restriction on Cardiovascular Parameters in Athlete vs. Non-Athlete Females, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Sonio David Garcia (July 2012)  Acute Effects of Blood Flow Restrictions During Cycling Exercise on Oxygen Consumption, Energy Expenditure, and Muscular Function in Obese Population, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Rebeca Grimaldo (July 2012)  Combining Inexact Reasoning with First Order Theories and Case-Based Reasoning, Dr. Juan R. Iglesias

Chuchu Xiang (July 2012)  Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in LISA Data Analysis, Dr. Soumya D. Mohanty

Nicole Marie Ruiz (July 2012)  Neuroendocrine Changes in the Hippocampus and Their Effects on Systemic or Peripheral Metabolism, Dr. Saraswathy Nair

Jie Hu (August 2012)  Real Time Interaction between Antimicrobial Peptide and Lipid Membrane Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Confocal Microscopy, Dr. Ahmed Touhami

Steven Shoen (August 2012)  Experimental Setup to Demonstrate Low-Frequency High-Precision Stabilization of 1500nm External Cavity Lasers, Dr. Volker Quetschke

Jose A. McKinnon (November 2012)  Mapping the Galaxy with LISA, Dr. Matthew Benacquista

Oscar Luis Blanco (November 2012)  Online Learning Course Framework to Increase Student's Real-World Preparation and Involvement in CIS Introductory Courses, Dr. Juan Iglesias.

Ismael Hinojosa (November 2012)  An Open Source Framework for Mobile Health Informatics in Real Time Constrained Environments, Dr. Juan Iglesias

Jose F. Mendoza (November 2012)  SIARQT:  SQL Injection Avoidance Through Relational Query Templates, Dr. Juan Iglesias

Javier A. Nieto (November 2012)  Adaptive Streaming Using RTP, Dr. Mahmoud Quweider

Ruben Andrew Treviño (December 2012)  Respiratory Responses to Temperature and Progressive Emersion in the Mangrove Periwinkle, Littorina angulifera (Lamarck, 1822), from the Southwestern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Dr. David Hicks

Huiyan Xu (January 2013)  George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four in Mainland China:  A Rhetorical Analysis, Dr. Yong-Kang Wei 

David Boon (April 2013)  The Connective Constants of Three-Dimensional Lattice Graphs, Dr. Alexey Glazyrin

David Mayen-Mena (April 2013)  Presencia De La Lengua Náhuatl en la Variedad del Español México-Americano en Brownsville, Texas, Dr. Dania López-García

Rosa Isela Law (April 2013)  The Role of Core Self-Evaluations on First Year Performance and Retention Among Hispanic Students, Dr. Jared Montoya.

Meysam Heydari Gharahcheshmeh (April 2013)  Surface Morphology and Phase Distribution of ZN-CO Alloy Coatings Obtained by Pulse Current, Dr. Ahmed Touhami

Kevin Moreno (April 2013)  Finger Gesture Recognition for Depth Sensors, Dr. Juan Iglesias

Liudmila Svetlova (April 2013)  A Modification of K-Means Clustering Model to the Case of Fuzzy Clustering with Weighted Features, Dr. Hansheng Lei

Nicole L. Ulloa  (April 2013)  Integrating End-User Usability in Human Computer Interaction Design of Home Health Care Software, Dr. Mahmoud K. Quweider

Oscar Valdez  (April 2013)  Feature Selection for Sound Recognition, Dr. Hansheng Lei

Jordan Penner (May 2013)  Urban Maya:  Intersections of World History, Globalization, and the Q'Eqchi' Maya, Dr. David Fisher

Mkhitar Hobosyan (May 2013)  Solid State Exothermic Consolidation of Lunar Soil Simulant, Dr. Karen Martirosyan

Amie Cobo-Clark (May 2013)  Mode of Inheritance and Genetic Variation Evaluated Through Comparative Genomics of Plastome Sequences of an Invasive Hybrid Plant Species and its Parents, Dr. Andrea Schwarzbach

Gregorio Téllez (May 2013)  Frequency and Intensity Stabilization of Planar-Waveguide External Cavity Lasers, Dr. Volker M. Quetschke

Aleksandra A. Shchelkunova (June 2013)  Classification Methods for Large Data Sets with Application to Biology, Dr. Mikhail M. Bouniaev

Jonathan Lê (July 2013)  An Experimental Test of the Effects of Disturbance Frequency on the Diversity of Artificial Reef Fouling Communities, Dr. David W. Hicks

Monica Reyes (July 2013)  "Within the Little Circe of my Vision:" Domesticity as the Catalyst for Acculturation in Susan Shelby Magoffin's Down the Santa Fe Trail and into Mexico, Dr. Lyon Rathbun

Ryan Pederson (July 2013)  Shakespeare and the Reformation, Dr. Mimosa Stephenson

Liana Lerma (November 2013)  The Effects of a Red Tide, Karenia brevis Episode on the Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities of South Padre Island, Texas, Dr. David Hicks

Agnelia Tiffany Hernandez (November 2013)  Hemodynamic and Neuromuscular Responses to Exercises Performed on Stable and Unstable Surface with and without Blood Flow Restriction, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Mario Alberto Marquez (November 2013)  Decomposition Patterns and Nitrogen Dynamics of Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) Leaf Litter in Disturbed Estuaries Linked to the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas, Dr. Alejandro Fierro-Cabo

Andres Garcia (November 2013)  A Comparison of Site Fidelity and Habitat use of Red Snapper (Lutjanus Campechanus) to Evaluate the Performance of Two Artificial Reefs in South Texas Utilizing Acoustic Telemetry, Dr. Richard Kline

Dwawid Wladyka (December 2013)  The Queries to Google Search as Predictors of Migration Flows From Latin America to Spain, Dr. William Yaworsky

Zamart Ramazanova (December 2013) Simulation of Electronic Processes of Nanoenergetic Gas Generator Using Cabrera Mott Oxidation Model, Dr. Karen Martirosyan

Carlos Gonzalez (December 2013) Design and Configuration of Laser Tweezers Microscopy for Force Measurements on Single DNA Molecules, Dr. Ahmed Touhami

Katarzyna Sepielak (December 2013) Voice-Over Documentaries: Synchronization Techniques in English-Spanish and English-Polish Translation, Dr. Jose Davila-Montes

Jose Vera (December 2013)  On Closed Subsets of Non-Commutative Association Schemes of Rank 6, Dr. Paul-Hermann Zieschang

Karen Pimentel (December 2013) The Status of Women and the Arab Spring, Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Abad

John J. Gray (May 2014)  Sedimentation and Barnacle Recruitment and Growth In a Shallow Coastal Lagoon of South Texas, Dr. Alejandro Fierro-Cabo

Louis Percy Dartez (May 2014) A Digital Backend for the Low Frequency All Sky Monitor, Dr. Teviet Creighton

Mara Theodoritsi (May 2014) ​"Maese Pedro" y Sei Personaggi in Cerca d'Autore: Procedimientos Teatrales de la Narrativa Cervantina en la Obra de Luigi Pirandello, Dr. Elena Vega-Sampayo

Ramiro Garza (May 2014) On Toroidal Knots, Chirality, and Molecules,  Dr. Jerzy Mogilski

Phillip J. Rose (May 2014) Temperature and Relative Humidity Effects on Water Loss and Hemolymph Osmolality of Littoraria Angulifera (Lamarck, 1822), Dr. David W. Hicks

Jennifer Lee Marquez (May 2014) The Role of App Development and Mobile Computing in Motivating the Secondary Mathematics Classroom, Dr. Mahmoud Quweider

Raul Garza (May 2014), Role-identity Prominence of the 'Migrant' Role-identity in Migrant College Students, Dr. Scott A. Reid

Claudia Alejandra Tamez (May 2014), Gauging wetland restoration status using benthic-based structural and functional metrics, Dr. David Hicks

B. Elisa Filippone (June 2014), The Feminization of the Literary Voice and the Rhetorical Tradition in The Lais of Marie de France, The Mirror of Simple Souls, and The Book of the City of Ladies, Dr. Diana Dominguez

Guillermo Eduardo Perez (August 2014), The Acute Effects of Different Blood Flow Restriction Settings on Blood Lactate, Electromyography and Leg Strength During Bilateral Knee Extensions, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Dongming Jin (August 2014), Globular Cluster Simulations by MOCCA Code, Dr. Matthew Benacquista

Omar Apodaca (August 2014), Acute Effects of Whole Body Vibration Exercises with Various Frequencies and Amplitudes on Arterial Stiffness in Males, Dr. Murat Karabuluty

Marcela Urbina Zavala (August 2014), Evaluation of an Educational Breastfeeding Program for a non-Profit Agency in South Texas, Dr. Christopher M. Ledingham

Anton Gribovskiy (August 2014), Pattern Recognition Methods for Searches of Burst Gravitation Waves, Dr. Malik Rakhmanov (embargoed until August 2016)

Artemiy Bogdanovskiy (August 2014), A Study of Variable Signal-Recycling Mirrors for Second-Generation Gravitational-Wave Detectors, Dr. Malik Rakhmanov (embargoed until August 2016)

Liliana Ruiz Diaz (August 2014), Investigation of Optical and Physical Properties of SiO2 Synthetic Opals Using Light Scattering, Diffraction, and AFM Techniques, Dr. Malik Rakhmanov (embargoed untiled August 2016)

Edward M. Stiner, Jr. (December 2014), The effects of enhanced discharge education on knowledge retention in first time stroke/TIA patients, Dr. Anne Rentfro

Ronald Dean Straight (December 2014), Deconstructing the rhetoric of fear in post 9/11 young adult literature, Dr. Diana Dominguez

Jose Guadalupe Martinez (December 2014), Pulsar J0453+1559, the 10th double neutron star system in the universe, Dr. Fredrick Jenet

Leah M. McIntosh (December 2014), Resaca ecosystem development: colonization and succession of the macroinvertebrate community, Dr. Alejandro Fierro-Cabo

Rachel Arney (December 2014), Recruitment Patterns of Juvenile Fish at an Artificial Reef in the Gulf of Mexico, Dr. Richard J. Kline

Catheline Y. M. Froehlich (December 2014), A comparison of fish communities over different reef configurations in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico, Dr. Richard J. Kline

Wenhui Wang (December 2014) Detection of Gravitational Wave Signals from NS-NS Inspirals in Presence of Non-Stationary Noise, Dr. Soma Mukherjee

Joe Angel Lopez (May 2015), The Acute Effects of Aerobic Exercise Durations on Arterial Compliance in Recreationally Active Males, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Amber Lynn Betz (May 2015), Correlation of Amyloid Beta and Spatial Learning and Memory Deficits on Thy1-APP Mouse Model for Alzheimer's Disease, Dr. Michael W. Lehker

Erick Mark Verderber (May 2015), Restoration Strategies to Migrate Shrub Encroachment into Coastal Prairies, Dr. Heather D. Alexander

Viviana Carvajal (May 2015), La Intencion Pictorica en Tres Novelas de Corte Realista de Ana Maria Matute, Dr. Elena Vega-Sampayo

Nadia Carreon (May 2015), Characterization of Continuously Oscillating Neurons (CONs) of the Medial Septum of Rats, Dr. Michael W. Lehker

Krysten N. Dick (May 2015), Restoring Semi-Arid Thornscrub Forests: Seeding Growth and Survival in Response to Shelter Tubes, Grass-Specific Herbicide, and Herbivore Exclosures, Dr. Heather D. Alexander

Kristopher M. Nava (May 2015), The Acute Effects of Different Warm-up Techniques of Power Output, Agility, and Flexibility in Athletes, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Aaron White (May 2015), Animal Habitat Utilization and the Impacts of Small-Scale Disturbances on Vegetation Within Larch Forests in Northeastern Siberia, Dr. Heather D. Alexander

Kathleen E. Glynn (July 2015), Gratitude and Kindness: Just What the Doctor Ordered, Dr. Bernardo de la Garza

Taylor LaFortune (August 2015), Species Identification and Habitat Assessment of the South Texas Siren, Dr. Richard J. Kline

Jennifer L. Vela (August 2015), Alternative Restoration Treatments to Maximize Growth and Survival of Tamaulipan Thornscrub Species During Seeding Establishment, Dr. Heather D. Alexander

Nathan W. Calley (August 2015), Redemption Denied: Variations of the Underworld Descent in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and The Road, Dr. Christopher Carmona

Samuel R. Buchanan (August 2015), The Acute Effects of Shred Matrix on Hemodynamic Responses, Substrate Utilization, Endurance, Arterial Compliance, and Body Water Distribution, Dr. Murat Karabulut

Luisa G. Allen (August 2015), The Struggle Itself Toward the Heights Is Enough to Fill a Man's Heart: Calling, Moral Duty, Meaningfulness and Existential Self of Zookeepers, Dr. Scott A. Reid

Isis Lopez (August 2015),Don't Bring Me Down: A Study of the Perceived Emotional Impact of Positive, Negative, and Neutral Content on Facebook, Dr. Bernardo de la Garza

Rebekah Rodriguez (August 2015), Assessing Coral Assemblages Inhabiting Relic Coral Banks Off the South Texas Coast, Dr. David Hicks

Sarah E. Nordlof (August 2015), Analysis of Variables Related to Corridor Use by Ocelots and Bobcats in South Texas, Dr. Richard J. Kline




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