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degree deadlines

Time Limits

A student will be governed by the Graduate Catalog in effect at the time of official notification of admission to graduate studies or may choose to graduate following the requirements of the most current catalog. Should a graduate student fail to enroll for a full calendar year, the catalog requirements in effect at the time of readmission will apply. State of Texas regulations with regards to certification programs taken as part of a graduate program do not supersede university graduate degree program requirements.

Students must complete all graduate work for a degree within seven years of the time of their first graduate course registration. Graduate courses more than seven years old will not be accepted for credit toward a degree program. Students who have compelling reasons for interruption of their graduate programs may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies for an extension of the time limit.

Graduation and Comprehensive Exam Application

  • Spring 2012 - February 1
  • Summer 2012- May 1
  • Fall 2012 - Sept 1

Master's Comprehensive Examination 

  • Spring 2012 - April 14
  • Fall 2012 - Nov 3

Master's THESIS Defense

  • Spring 2012 - April 13
  • Summer 2012 - July 13
  • Fall 20121 - Nov 2  
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