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Apps for iPads and Other Tablets

Apps are software programs that students can download to their computers and, yes, there are more apps besides games! Students are often more familiar with apps than faculty. Downloading apps is up to the students to accomplish. Your job is coach to help them learn what type of tool they need, they can find the app that will do that.

Below are some of the apps that students may want to download. Apps come in all price ranges and many are free. The cost is low because a popular app can be downloaded hundreds, even thousands of times. Most are written by individuals who make a very good living from writing apps. Students can even write their own.

Learning Spanish

  • Learn Spanish - Brainscape $9.99 This app comes in English and, interestingly enough, Spanish, which would be beneficial for our Spanish Speakers who need to catch up on grammar, spelling and punctuation. It also includes a section on Business Spanish.
  • Spanish Spelling Tips Free! This is a simple app that goes through tips on how to spell and word pronunciation.
  • Spanish Flash Free! This app is flash cards. A simple way to study on the go.

General Tools

  • Note Taker $4.99 This app allows students to take notes in class and organize them later. Students will never lose their notes.
  • iStudiez Pro $2.99 This is a calendar that works like project management software. Students can download it on their iPad or iPhone.
  • eBackpack - Workflow Free! For those doing in class writing, students can easily submit their assignments to the instructor, the instructor can mark them up and then....send them right back to the students.
  • Algebra Touch $1.99 This is an app to help students with terminology and processes. Great study tool.
  • English Grammar in Use $9.99 This app is for intermediate English learners. It provides activities to help students learn grammar. Would be great for any UTB Student.
  • Avid Studio for iPad $4.99 This app does video editing. For students who are videotaping for their portfolio or class project, they can immediately start editing.

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