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Smart Thinking

Question Mark Smart Thinking is an electronic editing program for students to submit papers for editorial suggestions before they submit the paper to you. It is a simple task and is accessible right from their blackboard accounts. Students will receive their papers back in less than 24 hours with suggestions how to write the final draft.

The benefit for faculty is that papers are turned in after students have edited their draft for the final paper. Faculty are able to read for content and not for grammatical and spelling errors. The benefit to students is that they learn the editing process that is required at college and in their chosen career. It is a winning situation for everyone.

UTB maintains an account on Smart Thinking for specified courses. Students may also opt to create an account on their own for tutoring. It is expensive however for some students an initial expense as they learn to write papers would be a good investment.

To learn more about how to incorporate Smart Thinking into your classes, complete the following tutorial.

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