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The registration process involves several steps. After you have selected your courses, the following links will help you complete the registration process. You have the option of registering by telephone (automated system) or online through Scorpion Online.

Go to the Online Course schedule to check for availability of courses. Write down the CRN number for the courses you want to enroll in. You will need the CRN numbers when you register through the telephone or online registration systems.

Check the UTB Academic Calendar for important dates.

Financial Aid

The Student Financial Assistance Programs are the largest source of student aid in America, providing over $40 billion a year in grants, loans, and work-study assistance.

To obtain general information about the major federal student aid programs (who is eligible and how to apply), tax credits for education expenses, and other federal, state, and private sources of information, please contact the UTB-TSC Financial Aid Office in the Tandy Building, Room 206. You can also call their office at (956) 544-8277.

For further information, you can also follow these URL's:

Graduate Tuition Incentive Scholarships

The Graduate Tuition Incentive Scholarship receives a specific budget amount for each fiscal year. Students may apply for tuition assistance for up to 3 credit hours per semester for a total of 9 hours per fiscal year. Graduate students may be eligible to receive up to 18 credit hours of scholarship support towards a master's degree through this program. Applicants must apply each semester.

The Graduate Tuition Incentive Scholarship applies to all graduate students who fulfill the following criteria:

  • pursuing a first master's degree
  • admitted unconditionally
  • has an official Program of Study (POS) on file
  • Texas resident
  • receiving no other form of financial aid (excluding loans)

New students (1st semester), who have unconditional admission status may be eligible for up to 6 credit hours their first semester. A Program of Study is not required for 1st semester students.

To be awarded a Graduate Tuition Incentive Scholarship, courses must be listed in the student's official Program of Study. Grade point average and timely submission of application will determine how the funds will be awarded.

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