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Student Research and Teaching Experience Scholarships
Fall 2014 / Spring 2015
Application deadline: 10/21/2014
Dear Students,
The Behavioral Sciences Department seeks to develop a student-supported research and provide an initial teaching experience to undergraduate and graduate students. In order to accomplish those goals, the Student Research and Teaching Experience Scholarships (based on Talent and Incentive Scholarships Funds) has been introduced as a structured, coherent, and competitive program that aims to provide students with additional research and teaching training and practice, continuous individual work with faculty, as well as financial support to participate in academic conferences.
The following Scholarships are available within the program.
Each student is allowed to apply for only one scholarship type.
Undergraduate Students Only:
1) Undergraduate Research Scholarship: 4 scholarships $1,150 each.
2) Undergraduate Teaching Scholarship: 1 scholarship ($833).
Graduate Students Only:
3) Graduate Research Scholarship: 2 scholarships: $1,600 each.
4) Graduate Teaching Scholarship: 2 scholarships: $900 each.
Undergraduate and Graduate Students:
5) Conference Scholarship: 1 or 2 scholarships (amount depending on needs and funding).
The awarded students are required to enroll and successfully complete the Research or Teaching Internship (Individual Study worth of 3 credit hours and supervised by one of the Behavioral Sciences faculty) in the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 semesters. The students are also expected to participate in at least one academic conference. Some requirements depend on the type of Scholarships. Please read the detailed requirements for the Scholarship type that you apply for.
 The minimum requirements, application documents, and students obligations are provided with the Application Form.
 Please download the application form from this website.
Return completed application to the Behavioral Sciences Department located in  MAIN 1.534.
For more information contact:
Dr. Dawid Wladyka,
Tel. (956)882-7384;

Scholarship Application Form.pdfScholarship Application Form.pdf

Scholarship Requirements.pdfScholarship Requirements.pdf

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