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Academic Advising
To better monitor student progress, Academic Advisors meet students regularly to determine quantitative and qualitative data that reflect indicators for academic success and college readiness.

Weekly Tutorials
Depending on their academic status, students are required to attend one-on-one or group tutorials during the regular academic year. Students' six-week report cards are closely monitored to determine the level of assistance needed for academic success.

College, Career, and Academic Enrichment Lunch Meetings
All UBMS students attend lunch meetings two times a month during the academic school year. These sessions are held at the high school campus and provide student support in the following areas:

  • College Exploration
  • College Planning and Admission
  • Financial Aid
  • Study Skills in note-taking, test-taking, and essay writing
  • Time Management and Goal Setting
  • Graduation Requirements

Saturday Enrichment Workshops
Saturday workshops are provided once a month to provide students with the opportunity to:

  • participate in hands-on math training utilizing Texas Instruments technology;
  • explore challenging science concepts through hands-on projects;
  • shadow university faculty members as they conduct field based research; and
  • explore student rich topics in cultural studies, presentation skills, and student leadership.

Summer Enrichment Program
During the summer, students enroll in a six-week non-residential program to explore an integrated curriculum of core academic subjects that are aligned to the national and state standards. Content for the summer enrichment component is theme and project based and may include algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, biology, chemistry, physics, marine biology, Spanish, writing, literature, technology, and social studies.

Summer Bridge 
The Summer Bridge Program allows students to take remediation in one or more subject areas between their high school graduation and fall semester.

Dual/Concurrent Enrollment
During the academic year (fall and spring) students who have passed all sections of COMPASS exams while still in high school have the opportunity to enroll in dual enrollment at UTB.

Social, Cultural, and Educational Field Trips 
Students in good standing are invited to attend one cultural enrichment field trip that provide opportunities to visit out-of-region college campuses, explore math and science related field experiences, meet with various math and science career professionals on-site, experience various cultural events such as theater, fine arts, and performances.

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