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Student Services



Student Services : Specific Objectives

To facilitate students’ exploration of career operations, and encourage students to set goals and        achieve them.

To increase secondary retention, graduation, and re-entry.

To expose students to the university community and to increase cultural awareness.

To educate students on the college admissions and application process, and assist students in             obtaining college financial assistance.

To increase postsecondary school enrollment, retention, re-entry, and postsecondary graduation.

Student Services : Program Services

1. College Prep is offered to 9th through 12th grade students. These sessions help high school participants explore financial aid resources and become acquainted with the application process. Junior and senior UTS members are trained to become mentors in completing admission and financial aid applications.

 2. Career Development helps students begin exploring career goals. Career Development for middle school students encourages participants to begin their career exploration odyssey as they participate in a series of career workshops and presentations. Upon entering high school, Career Development sessions will help students revisit their career choices and begin to identify educational goals as their academic performance is challenged.

 3. Personal Development sessions are designed to enhance students’ self-esteem through the encouragement of healthy self-concept, motivation to succeed, and self-exploration. The sessions also prepare students to perform well in the course of study at an institution of higher education by emphasizing skills in the areas of problem-solving, decision making planning and goal setting.

 4. Study Skills sessions focus on group and one-on-one tutoring to enhance a student’s academic strengths with emphasis placed on developing good study habits early in the school year. The sessions focus on tutoring students on their weaknesses, with the emphasis on reading, writing, and math.

 5. Class Enrichment Trips assist students in learning what fields of study are available so they can start deciding on a particular career of interest and start setting realistic educational goals. From this experience, they should be very motivated and able to start making important decisions in life. The students will have the opportunity to encounter different life experiences as well as expand their cultural awareness outside the Rio Grande Valley.

 6. Parent Meeting are designed to develop in the participants and their families an awareness of their individual strengths and the choices available to them if they decide to change their present lives and thus impact their future.


Student Services : Program Rules and Policies

All ETS participants must submit a completed ETS Application before  participating  in the program      activities.

All ETS participants must attend all ETS student sessions except when testing or participating in      an oral presentation.

All ETS parents must attend at least two of the four ETS Annual Parent Meetings.

All ETS participants must meet all eligibility requirements in order to attend program   enrichment      trips.

It is the responsibility of all ETS participants and parents to inform ETS Staff of home address,      school campus or telephone number changes.

It is the responsibility of all ETS participants and parents to continuously inform ETS staff of      existing medical conditions, academic needs, or disciplinary problems.







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