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about us

Mission Statement:

The Student Success Center provides students learning support programs and services that contribute to their academic success, retention, and timely graduation.

Vision Statement:

The Student Success Center will provide quality programs and services that contribute to students’ academic success, retention and timely graduation by:

•maintaining collaborative relationships with faculty to provide students programs and services that supplement course content;
•providing interactive learning opportunities that enhance students’ academic skills and support services critical to their college success; and
•ensuring access to quality services that addresses their personal and academic need

Core Values:

Learning—The ability to learn provides students with limitless opportunities to acquire knowledge, and thereby achieve greater levels of independence. We actively promote learning because it is the cornerstone on which future success is built.

Teamwork—We value working as part of a group. Teamwork involves clarifying each member’s role, problem solving, and sharing multiple perspectives while maintaining individual accountability. To help students reap the rewards of teamwork, we create opportunities for students to practice working as part of a group.

Integrity—We are committed to success through integrity. Honesty and dignity guide our efforts to provide the best possible programs and services to students. We help students understand the impact that integrity has on their personal and professional development.

Innovation—Creativity is the engine that drives our programs and services. We are constantly seeking new ways to present information and implementing the latest research to improve our students’ college careers. We help students view their challenges as learning opportunities rather than failures.

Leadership—Effective leadership requires purpose, direction and action. A good leader is self-aware and able to understand and interact with others whilst appreciating differences.
By encouraging students to think critically and become independent learners, we help students develop leadership skills that empower them to make informed decisions.

Advocacy— We value advocacy as a tool to assist students in developing the skills that will empower them to navigate through college successfully.


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