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Fall Convocation 2013 - September 6, 2013 Watch Video

Buenas tardes. Good afternoon! It is a great pleasure to welcome you this afternoon. We had a dedication for one of our new buildings this morning, the Biomedical Research Building 2. Somebody said that they had told the angels that it should not rain in the morning because we were having this outside, but that it could pour in the afternoon, for all we cared. So, be careful what you tell the angels because it might pour.

Biomedical Research and Health Professions Building 2 Dedication - September 6, 2013

The building we dedicate today was the product of one of those visionaries. Luis Colom was recruited to UTB by José Martín from the Baylor College of Medicine to teach and conduct research in biology in 2001. His medical and doctoral degrees from his native country, Uruguay, coupled with his extensive research training in Spain, Canada and Baylor College of Medicine were fundamental to developing his research expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

UTB researchers monitor artificial reef - July 26, 2013 Watch Video

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS (KVEO NEWS CENTER 23) — In 2007, the 473 foot, 7,000 ton World War II vessel, the Texas clipper was intentionally sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the sinking a group of University of Texas at Brownsville professors and graduate students has been contracted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife to monitor the Clipper, that is now acting as an artificial reef.

UTB convenes leaders for binational economic development workshop - May 16, 2013

The University of Texas at Brownsville was host to area and national representatives of government, education and economic development gathered for a workshop regarding the proposed Bi-National Border Economic Development initiative Friday, May 3rd.

Yale University honors UTB President García - April 20, 2013

The Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences honored UT Brownsville President Juliet V. García with the Edward A. Bouchet Medal for her Outstanding Leadership in Diversity in Graduate Education on April 20, 2013.

Legislative Appropriations Request for FY 2014 and 2015 - January 25, 2013

Joint Legislative Budget Board and GBPP LAR Hearing
UT System Institutions
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
U. T. System Administration – Ashbel Smith Hall
201 West Seventh Street - 2nd Floor Conference Room 208
8:30-9:30 a.m.

Dr. Ruiz and Dr. García are both Distinguished Alumni of The University of Texas.Two Longhorn Legends in Brownsville
January 4, 2013

Hector Ruiz, BS ’68, MS ’70, and Juliet Garcia, PhD ’76, Life Members, hooked ’em at the Dec. 15 commencement ceremony of UT-Brownsville and Texas Southmost College in Brownsville. Ruiz and Garcia are both Distinguished Alumni of The University of Texas. 

Board Presentation: December 6, 2012
December 6, 2012

Mr. Chairman, members of the Board, and Chancellor, It is a pleasure to have a moment to talk to you today about the work that we've been doing to plan for this discussion.

When I was a new president, I sought out more experienced and successful presidents to discover from them, what the most important part of their job was. The president of Miami Dade College was one of those presidents that I interviewed. When I asked him what the most important part of his job was, he said to sustain the democracy of the United States. I told him I didn't understand, so he explained. more >>

Vista Summit: Health UTPA Student Union Theater
November 28, 2012

Vista Summit: Health - Dr. Juliet V. Garcia 

Last spring, a state-wide task force released the third in a series of reports called, CODE RED: The Critical Condition of Health in Texas.

We have one of the stars of that Code Red report with us here today, Dr. Ken Shine, who spearheaded the research and much of that work.

The report described the impending crisis Texas is facing regarding the health of its population, which will profoundly influence the state’s competitive position nationally and globally. The health of Texas, economically, educationally, culturally and socially depends on the physical and mental health of the population.  more >>

Fall Convocation 2012 -  Video also available 
August 24, 2012

Vista Summit 2011 -  Video also available 
October 05, 2011

The Rio Grande Valley is a wonderful place, full of contrasts, rich history, disputed territory–we know who won the war though–and a region overflowing with hope for a better tomorrow. We are as close to Dallas as we are to Mexico City. In fact, we’re closer to the largest industrial city in Mexico, Monterrey, than we are even to San Antonio. And we extend further south into Mexico than one-third of the country of Mexico itself. Where we sit today is just one block from the river that celebrates and separates two friendly countries... more>>

Fall Convocation 2010 -  Video also available 
August 18, 2010

Good morning! There are plenty of seats available in and around. Please begin to make your way to chairs that are available to you. There is plenty of room around.

It is wonderful to see everyone here today. People always ask - I suppose it is part of our agrarian roots - they ask, “Well, how are you enjoying your summer vacation?” Right? And we have to just smile because it takes too long to explain that we don’t shutdown during the summer. We’re all still here and life goes on here at the university, and that this summer we experienced a record high enrollment, about 19%. Well, the applause goes to you because you had to counsel each one, register each one, and to help guide each one towards parking spaces. So, muchisimas gracias.

Welcome back to the beginning of a new academic year and back to your home....more>>

Keynote Address to the Advisory Committee to Congress on Financial Aid: The Rising Price of Inequality
June 25, 2010

Good morning. It is good to be back with the Advisory Committee again, and welcome to all of you here today. One of the most rewarding experiences that I have had in my professional life in higher education is having been a member and chair of this Committee.

During my tenure, I had the great honor of leading the effort on two of the Committee’s seminal reports: “Access Denied” in 2001 and “Empty Promises” in 2002. The report being released today, “The Rising Price of Inequality” is a worthy follow-on to those two reports and repeats their essential message.

The message is that, unfortunately, while progress has been made, we still have a long way to go  to ensure equal educational opportunity.  more>>>


Spring Commencement 2010 -  Video also available 
May 15, 2010

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I am Juliet García, and I have the honor of serving as the president of The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College. Welcome to Spring Commencement.

This marks the 18th Spring Commencement at our community university, and your graduating class is almost 900 students strong. When you add to that the students who graduated in December, we have awarded more than 2,100 degrees in this year.

When we begin our individual student recognitions, you will be seeing something very unique. Because of our partnership between The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, we are able to award many different kinds of credentials including certificates, associate degrees, baccalaureate degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees....more>>


Your University is Here -  Video also available 
May 23, 2010

Good afternoon. I am greatly honored to be here with you today to help you begin the celebration of your graduation at this baccalaureate ceremony. Thank you for the invitation.

In January of 1991, the same year that many of you were born, The University of Texas at Brownsville was established, and I was invited to serve as its president. You have never known your town without a university in it. You have grown up watching the university growing up right alongside you. And although I didn’t know each of your families then, I knew you were on the way, and that our job was to hurry up and build a university by the time you graduated from high school...more>>



Spring Convocation
 -  Video also available
January 15, 2010 


Good morning, what a pleasure it is to gather together as we begin a new decade. And making it even more special is the privilege of inaugurating our new Arts Center with this combined convocation. 

This morning we have some colleagues in new positions to introduce:

Esiquiel Avila, better known as Zeke. Will you please stand? After serving as interim director of Environmental Health and Safety for UTB/TSC for almost two years now, Zeke was officially promoted to the position of director last semester. Zeke holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from UTPA and is a Certified Hazardous Material Manager. Thank you, Zeke, for your dedicated service and congratulations...for the full Spring Convocation speech »



2009 Winter Commencement Address -  Video also available
December 19, 2009

Good morning, graduates, parents and visitors. Welcome.

This marks the 15th Winter Commencement at our community university. We are sitting at the site of the very first commencement ceremony held for our new partnership in 1992.1 That year we had also had too much rain at once and were looking for dry ground.

Back then, the trees were quite a bit smaller, and there was a bit more open space to your right where The Arts Center and the Commandant’s Quarters now stand.2...for the full commencement speech »



Open Access and Rigorous Standards Boost Student Success
November 10, 2009

What are we going to do with all of these Hispanics? That was the question on everyone’s mind at a meeting I attended with a Harvard demographer as he was talking about the explosive growth of the Hispanic population in the United States...more>>





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