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You are invited to become a part of the 21st Century University Commission in creating a vision for what the University should strive to become by 2050.

The Charge

Our Chancellor and our Board of Regents have charged us with creating a university of the first class with the 21st century model in mind, and we know that their expectations are as great as their commitment.

Our goal is not to develop the next evolution of a traditional university, but, instead, to design a complex knowledge enterprise, with three guiding principles to focus our work:

  1. We will create a teaching, learning and discovery environment that will develop a complete graduate with advanced critical thinking skills and the capacity for lifelong learning. The mastery of a particular subject will actually be a secondary outcome, with the primary goal to produce graduates who have mastered the ability to learn across disciplines and develop new skills throughout their careers.
  2. UT Brownsville will be known as a place of innovation as we build a culture of agility and adaptability. We will harness present and future technologies and provide an environment conducive to experimentation and quick adaptation in new methods of teaching, learning and research. We will embrace change and challenge tradition to ensure that all students who demonstrate ability will achieve at the highest levels.
  3. Finally, we are determined to accomplish this while remaining affordable and accessible. The challenge is how to do what we do at the lowest possible cost to families and to our other stakeholders and investors so that we can keep this enterprise broadly accessible.

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