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Transition Process

Generally speaking, representatives of UT System and TSC will meet thoughout the first year or so to work out details for the interim and post-transtion periods. Thereafter, programs and services are expected to migrate to their respective schools. There will be agreements covering articulation, which is how courses from one school will transfer to the other, shared services, use of facilities, and other elements of the new relationship.

The Transition is coordinated by two Transition Teams: One for UT System and one for TSC. The UT System Transition Team is located in Austin and is under the direction of Dr. David Prior, the UT System Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The TSC Transition Team is located in Brownsville and is made up of TSC Trustees, the TSC president, TSC lawyers, and consultants.

At UTB, local transition planning and implementation matters are directed by Dr. Alan Artibise, Provost, assisted by Michael Putegnat, who manages transition activities. A UTB Transition Advisory Council, made up of representatives selected by the Faculty, Staff, and Student governing bodies, provides advice, insights and counsel on Transition issues to the UTB administration.

TSC is assembling a similar structure. You'll be able to read more details about TSC's plan at soon.

Upon the completion of the transfer of programs and services to their appropriate institutions, and the granting of accreditation to each school, the transition will be completed. Both institutions will be launched, serving their respective student bodies, in close cooperation for the advancement of higher education opportunity in the area no later than September 1st, 2015.

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