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Expert of the Month

“Expert of the Month,” produced by the Office of News and Information, shares the thoughts, insights and expertise of the unversity’s many talented faculty members.

Arnold Trejo​
Dr. Steve Chamberlain​
Alejandro Macias
Dr. Jennie Johnson
Dr. Mahmoud Quweider
Dr. William L. Adams
Sally Roach
Dr. Tom Nevill
Diana Dominguez
Dr. Jude A. Benavides
Dr. John Cook and Dr. William Strong
Dr. Heather Alexander
Bartek Macieja
Dr. Javier A. Martinez​
Dr. José Dávila Montes
Dr. Immanuel Edinbarough
Dianne Brumley
Dr. Zelma Mata
Dr. Cristina Ballatori
Dr. Murat Karabulut
Dr. Soumya Mohanty
Dr. Harriett Joseph
Dr. Alfred Richardson
Dr. Juan Iglesias
Dr. Michael Quantz
Dr. Tony Knopp and Dr. Manuel Medrano
Dr. Karen Martirosyan
Dr. Mark Kroll
Dr. Anne Rentfro
James Mills
Dr. Jared A. Montoya
Dr. Masako Isokawa
Dr. Juan Pablo Andrade
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Dr. Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera




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