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Students may add a course during the official add/drop period as indicated on the Academic Calendar. Students are responsible for ensuring that their request is processed by the specified deadline.

Students may drop a course according to the deadlines indicated on the Academic Calendar. Courses dropped after the official record date (ORD) count against these totals:  


If the class is dropped:

Grade Assigned

Before the Official record date

No grade on transcript

After the official record date but prior to the “deadline to withdraw”

Grade of “W” on transcript


Add/drops must be requested through one of the methods below; no add/drops can be completed via telephone.  



Log in to UTB Online


Visit the Office of the Registrar in Main 1.100


Send an email to and include your name, UTB ID, and the course(s).


It is your responsibility to retain registration documents as proof of course changes.

Six Drop Limit

In accordance with Texas Education Code, 51.907, undergraduate students who first entered college as entering freshmen Fall 2007 or later may not drop more than a total of six courses during their undergraduate career. Courses dropped at other Texas public higher education institutions will count toward the six course drop limit.

For purposes of this rule, a drop is any course that is dropped after the published census date, and the student remains enrolled in other courses. Dual enrollment courses are not subject to the six-course drop rule. In addition, a course, such as a laboratory or discussion course in which students are enrolled concurrently with a lecture course, is not considered to be a course separate from the lecture course if concurrent enrollment in both courses is required and in dropping the lecture course, students would be required to drop the laboratory, discussion or other course in which they are concurrently enrolled.

A dropped course will not be counted toward the six-drop limit if it occurs for a nonacademic reason such as those listed below:

     1. A severe illness or other debilitating condition that affects the student's
         ability to satisfactorily complete the course.
     2. The student's responsibility for the care of a sick, injured, or needy person
         if the provision of that care affects the student's ability to satisfactorily
         complete the course.
     3. The death of a person who is considered to be a member of the student's
         family or who is otherwise considered to have a sufficiently close
         relationship to the student that the person's death is considered to be a
         showing of good cause.
     4. The active duty service as a member of the Texas National Guard or the
         armed forces of the United States of either the student or a person who
         is considered to be a member of the student's family or who is otherwise
         considered to have a sufficiently close relationship to the student that
         the person's active military service is considered to be a showing of
         good cause.
     5. A change of the student's work schedule that is beyond the control of the
         student and that affects the student's ability to complete the course.

A student may appeal a drop, if he/she shows good cause. Students may submit a written appeal with supporting documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

Once students’ records reach the six-course drop limit, an automated block will prevent students from dropping additional courses.

Complete Withdrawal (Disenrollment)

Students who completely withdraw from all courses shall have their tuition and fees (except nonrefundable fees) refunded according to the established schedule. For more information regarding refund policies, visit the Accounting and Finance Office


Withdrawing from all Classes:

Grade Assigned

Before the official record date

No grade on transcript

After the official record date but prior to the “deadline to withdraw”

Grade of “W” on transcript


Note: Class days do not include university holidays or weekends. Students who withdraw because they are called to active military service will get a refund of tuition and fees for the semester, in which they withdraw at their request. Financial aid students might have to repay funds to Title IV financial aid programs. Students must contact the Office of Financial Aid in Main 1.100 prior to withdrawing from all courses.

Refunds for Minicourses or Flex-entry Courses

Students who officially withdraw or drop minicourses or flex-entry courses will have their tuition and specified mandatory fees refunded according to the start date and length of the courses. Due to the variety of lengths of these courses offered at UTB, the Accounting and Finance Office must be consulted for the refund schedule. Note: The National Writing Project refund policy will be configured when definite data exist. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for the return of Title IV Funds policy for students who withdraw from all classes. Refund policies are state-mandated and strictly enforced. 

Course Cancellations

UTB reserves the right to cancel any course with insufficient enrollment or for reasons beyond our control. A canceled course results in a full refund of tuition and course fees. University fees will be refunded in full if the canceled course is your only course. If you have any questions about the canceled course please contact the respective department.


Impacts of Dropping Courses after the Official Record Date

Academic Standing

Dropping a course(s) after the official record date may impact a student's academic standing. Under UTB's Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, a student must maintain an overall grade point average of 2.000 or risk being placed on probation or suspension. See the Satisfactory Academic Progress page for more information.

Financial Aid

Students' financial assistance may be affected when dropping a class. Students should be advised that the Texas Legislature has capped the number of attempted development hours the state will fund at 27 and the number of undergraduate semester credit hours at 170.





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