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Budget Reduction Strategies

Budget Reduction Strategies for FY 2011

Several strategies were introduced during fiscal year 2011 to meet the budget challenges. These strategies are estimated to result in approximately $5.6 to $7.1 million in savings.

  • Electronic Workflow Process Cost Savings - $219,000
    The University is in the process of implementing a workflow solution to automate the approval process for most institutional forms. In addition to generating efficiencies in personnel time, file space, and supplies, this project will be an environment-friendly alternative to the obsolete paperwork shuffling process that we currently have in place.
  • Travel - $100,000
    Reducing out-of-state and foreign travel, taking advantage of videoconferences whenever possible, and limiting the number of employees that attend the same conference or training may save the University $100,000.
  • Freezing Positions - $280,000
    Non-mission critical positions that were vacant as of December 1, 2010 have been frozen until April 1, 2011. A final decision on frozen positions will be made during budget development process for fiscal year 2012. Freezing positions for four months saves $280,000. Freezing positions for a year saves almost $842,000 for the year.
  • Reducing M&O Spending - $4.5 to $6.0 million
    We are evaluating how much could be saved by cutting off M&O spending several months earlier this fiscal year. Reducing M&O budgets by 15 to 20 percent will save $4.5 to $6.0 million.
  • Utilities Savings - $537,000
    The same strategies for managing utility consumption that were implemented in fiscal year 2010 are yielding similar results in the current fiscal year. The amount of utility savings in the current year is less than last fiscal year due to new buildings that came online last year being funded for a full year.

Budget Reduction Strategies for FY 2010

The following are some of the budget reduction strategies that were implemented in fiscal year 2010 to manage the 5 percent budget cuts. The total estimated cost savings from these strategies was $2.8 million.

  • Reducing M&O Spending - $1,100,000
    Two strategies helped reduce the amount spent in M&O in FY10 as compared to FY09: cutting off spending for the fiscal year by July 1st and sending routine messages to the campus to think before spending. M&O expenditures include office supplies, professional fees and printing.
  • Utilities Savings - $848,000
    Changing how we manage utility consumption, including shutting off lights in areas not in use, turning off equipment at the end of the day and having the equipment shift to sleep mode after a shorter period of inactivity, saved the University close to a million dollars.
  • Reduced Computer Purchases - $806,000
    This strategy included replacing computers only when absolutely necessary and implementing a standard university model for computer purchases.
  • Printing Cost Reduction - $50,000
    Several strategies helped reduced the amount spent in printing costs, including shifting from desktop printers to multifunctional copiers, printing on both sides of a page, eliminating color prints, and savings on toner purchases.



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