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Overtime Approval

In compliance with HOP 8.2.27, overtime must have the written approval of the respective employee’s vice president or division head prior to overtime hours being worked. Overtime is accrued when non-exempt employees work over 40 hours in a work week.

Overtime applies to non-exempt employees only and includes both paid and non-paid compensation (comp time). Account managers must ensure that sufficient funds are available within the departmental budget to cover the costs associated with overtime payments, including the added staff benefits costs as applicable.

The procedure is summarized below for your convenience:

  • Email completed form to the employees' vice president or division head.
  • A reply of approval/disapproval will be sent by the vice president or division head via email.
  • Attach approval and form to timecard and submit them to the Payroll Office by the due date.
  • If approval is for multiple employees, attach a copy of the approval email to each timecard.

In reviewing requests, supervisors should make note of the following:

Work schedules and activities shall be organized so that non-exempt employees are not required to work overtime except when demanded by operating necessity. Any overtime services actually required must have the prior written approval by the respective employee’s Vice President or division head. To approve the request, the appropriate vice president or division head must determine that the overtime services are necessary, related to university business, and that departmental budgets are available to pay for the overtime. Of course, compensatory time may be granted in lieu of pay for the overtime that is worked.

For additional information, contact the Accounting and Finance Office Payroll area at any of the following numbers: 956-882-7133, 882-7048, 882-7038 or 882-3820.

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