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Graduate faculty

This policy provides guidelines for appointment to the graduate faculty. The graduate faculty shall be composed of faculty whose professional and scholarly accomplishments and/or effectiveness in teaching graduate students qualify them for active participation in graduate education at The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

Appointment of Graduate Faculty

Appointment of graduate faculty membership is dependent on favorable recommendations from the Department Graduate Faculty, Department Chair, School/College Dean, and Dean of Graduate Studies.

Selection and Retention Criteria

Tenured and tenure-track faculty of each department and/or School/College who hold an earned terminal degree shall develop criteria for faculty who actively participate in graduate education.

These criteria should be considered at the time tenured or tenure-track faculty members are hired.

Types of Membership

Graduate Faculty Member:

Any University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College tenured or tenure-track faculty member holding an earned terminal degree is a member of the graduate faculty.

Associate Graduate Faculty Member:

Outstanding individuals from industry, government, the professions, this or another higher education institution may be eligible for Associate Graduate Faculty membership for the purpose of teaching graduate courses or serving on graduate theses and exam committees.

  • Faculty who do not meet the criteria for Graduate Faculty Member, and faculty serving part-time, one-year appointments, or as visiting faculty of any professorial rank who participate in the graduate programs of their department may be appointed to Associate Graduate Faculty membership on the recommendation of the graduate faculty of the department and/or School/College, the School/College Dean, the Graduate Committee, and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Roles of the Graduate Faculty

A Graduate Faculty Member may:

  • Teach graduate courses.
  • Serve as a graduate advisor.
  • Direct or serve on comprehensive examination committees.
  • Serve as chair or member of theses committees.
  • Serve as graduate coordinator.
  • Serve in other capacities appropriate to graduate education at the University.

An Associate Graduate Faculty Member may:

  • Teach graduate courses.
  • Serve as graduate advisor with departmental approval.
  • Serve on graduate thesis and examination committees.
  • Serve as chair of thesis or comprehensive exam committee with Departmental/School graduate faculty approval. 

This policy will be reviewed after each legislative session (every odd numbered year) by no later than December 31, by the Vice President for Academic Affair.

Graduate Faculty Application

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