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Fee: $5.00

Official Transcripts is a service provided by the National Student Clearinghouse on behalf of UTB.​

Official Transcript

An official transcript is a comprehensive record of the student’s academic progress. It includes transferred courses, credit earned by exam, degrees awarded, and any test scores required by the state. An official transcript lists the name of the institution, the official institution seals and the signature of the Registrar.



Official transcript requests are typically processed within 1 working day. Students with academic records prior to 1998 may require up to 5 working days.

Official transcripts may not be released for students who have a “hold” placed on their records by the institution. 




Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript lists all of a student’s coursework but does not include the institution’s name, seal or signature of the Registrar. Unofficial transcripts may be issued to students who have an institutional “hold” placed on their records.

Fee: None

Unofficial transcripts may not be mailed out or faxed. Unofficial transcripts will be distributed only to the individual student. If the student is not present at the time of the request, he/she must submit a written authorization in order for a third party to pick up the unofficial transcript. This third party must present picture identification and a written authorization (from the student whose name is on the unofficial transcript) at the Office of the Registrar before the unofficial transcript is released.

Note: Current students may print their unofficial transcripts using UTB Online.

Third Party Authorization

Third party written authorization must contain the following:

  • Student’s complete name
  • Student’s identification number
  • Student’s date of birth
  • Student’s signature (must match signature in file); and
  • Written statement authorizing the request and/or release of transcripts

NOTE: If not using the formal Third Party Authorization form, please be sure the name of the party picking up the transcript appears on the written authorization.


Hold on Release of Official Transcripts

Official transcript requests cannot be processed if the student has any outstanding institutional debts or institutional holds on academic records at UTB. Institutional holds may be placed on student records if the student is not in compliance with federal financial aid requirements or other institutional policies.

UT Telecampus

As the host institution, it is the responsibility of the UTB Office of the Registrar to submit an official transcript for all UT TeleCampus students at the end of each term for which the students are registered.

As the home institution, it is the UTB Admissions Office’s responsibility to apply course transfer credit according to university policy.

For additional information, please go to UT TeleCampus.

Returning UT TeleCampus students may request an official transcript be sent to their home institution by completing the form attached. The University of Texas at Brownsville will waive the cost of one official transcript to the home institution of UT TeleCampus students.

* Documents received by the Office of the Registrar become property of UTB and cannot be returned to students.​​

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