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Registrar—Terms to Know

To be a successful student, you should become familiar with registration terminology. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the common terms in the list below. This will help alleviate confusion and save time when registering every semester.

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UTB Online

Students may register for classes by logging onto UTB Online. Your username is the initials of your first and last name in capital letters, followed by your seven-digit student identification number. If this is the first time logging onto UTB Online, your password will be your four digit pin number. You will then be asked to create a unique password that is six to nine characters long and must include both numbers and letters.


The unit of credit (CR) for academic and technical courses is the semester hour. The total credit hour value (also referred to as “semester hour value", "semester credit hours" or "credit hours”) of a course usually indicates the number of class hours it meets each week for one semester. During the long session, most courses meet three hours each week for three semester hours of credit. Courses requiring laboratory work meet additional hours at specified times.

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