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Financial Responsibility

Returning Students

Prior to registering for a semester, students are required to pay or clear any outstanding financial balances with UTB by contacting the Accounting and Finance Office. These are some examples of outstanding financial balances that will prevent a student from registering for a semester:

  • Balance on installment plan
  • Balance on student account
  • Balance on financial aid repayment
  • Parking citation
  • Library fines


For All Students

Failure to pay any amount owed within the allotted time can result in the withholding of registration privileges, official transcripts, grades, degrees, and other penalties and actions allowed by law.

Students are expected to pay for tuition and fees within the specified payment period. Students are not entitled to enter classrooms or laboratories until payment for tuition and fees has been made or a payment option has been selected by the student. All tuition and fees payments must be received at the Accounting and Finance Office before the payment deadline date.

All students receiving Federal Title IV grant or loan assistance will have all tuition and fees charged against the award. Any remaining balance will be disbursed to the student in the form of a check which will be mailed to the student. Initial balances are generally mailed to the student on or about the first day of class.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their financial assistance has been awarded.

If a student account has a balance of $75 or more resulting from the original registration, the student’s registration will be voided. Students who add classes and do not pay by the add/drop payment deadline will not be dropped from their classes. Students will be officially enrolled in the classes and will receive a grade. It is the student’s responsibility and obligation to pay for the tuition and fees for the added class.

Types of payments accepted at the Accounting and Finance Office:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks (include ID)
  • Money order (include ID)
  • VISA (include ID)
  • MasterCard (include ID)
  • Debit Card

For your convenience, a check payment drop box is located next to the Accounting and Finance Office at Tandy Hall No. 107. Payments must be for the full amount of tuition and fees. Student identification numbers should be indicated on checks. All payments that are mailed or placed in the drop box must be received by the Accounting and Finance Office on or before the payment deadline date.

Checks should be mailed to:

The University of Texas at Brownsville
Accounting and Finance Office
P.O. Box 3640
Brownsville, TX 78520-3640

When the bank returns a check, a $25 nonrefundable return check service charge is assessed. The student is given 10 days from the date of notice to make full payment by cash, money order or cashier’s check. Once the student has had returned checks, then for future payments UTB reserves the right not to accept any personal checks from the student. Returned checks not paid will be submitted for collections. Students will be liable for any court costs and attorney fees.


  • Student’s name
  • Student’s ID
  • Type of credit card
  • Credit card number, expiration date
  • Printed name of credit card holder and signature of credit card holder
  • Student’s telephone number

Outstanding Balances Owed

The Accounting and Finance Office will not release a refund check to a student if the student has any outstanding balance owed to the university.

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