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Imagine College!

The UTB and Imagine College! program is a tuition initiative at The University of Texas at Brownsville which will make college possible and affordable for starting freshmen.

The UTB Imagine College! program will cover all tuition and fees for first-time, full-time freshman Texas residents with a family income of $30,000 or less. All gift aid* will be applied to the student's charges first.

This program is just one of a growing number of initiatives UTB offers to better assist students with their financial needs. With the UTB Imagine College! program, students could have their tuition and mandatory fees covered for up to four years if they:

  • Are classified as a Texas resident
  • Enroll at UTB as a first-time, full-time freshman
  • Register for 12 credit hours per semester and complete 24 credit hours each academic year. Summer classes are not covered by the program.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 every semester
  • Have a family income of $30,000 or less as reported on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Are eligible for the Pell Grant
  • Have earned a High School Diploma or GED certificate, completed home schooling at the secondary level, or passed an approved ability to benefit test

In order for a student to maintain eligibility in the Imagine College! program for future semesters, he/she must:

  • Earn 24 credit hours (per academic year) and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 every semester
  • Meet income threshold of $30,000 or less every academic year
  • Be Pell Grant eligible every academic year
  • Maintain continuous full-time enrollment (excluding summer and/or mini sessions)

Students who:

  • Drop below 12 credit hours before the official record date will have financial aid awards adjusted. Imagine College! program funds will be reversed and students will lose eligibility for the Imagine College! program for future semesters.
  • Participate in the University Scorpion Scholars will be disqualified from the Imagine College! program.
  • Withdraw completely or fail to earn a passing grade in any semester, will be subject to the Return on Title IV Funds policy and may owe money to financial aid programs, including the Imagine College! program.

The Imagine College! program covers only UTB tuition and fees for Texas residents, pursuing an undergraduate degree at UTB. All gift aid, scholarships, sponsorships, waivers and exemptions will be applied first. Any tuition and fees balance due after all gift aid is applied will be covered by the Imagine College! program. The Imagine College! award will be reduced as gift aid is received throughout the year. The UTB Financial Aid Office must have complete and correct FAFSA information no later than July 1 preceding the Fall semester enrollment.

NOTE: If students make any changes to their enrollment status (drops or withdrawals), they may lose eligibility for continued participation in this program. We strongly recommend that students visit the Financial Aid Office before they make any changes.

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