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Enrollment Status

Financial Aid defines enrollment statuses for all period(s) as follows:

Undergraduate Students
Classification Number of Credit Hours
Less than 1/2 time 1 to 5 credit hours
1/2 time 6 to 8 credit hours
3/4 time 9 to 11 credit hours
Full-time 12 or more credit hours
Graduate Students
Classification Number of Credit Hours
Less than 1/2 time 1 to 4 credit hours
1/2 time 5 to 6 credit hours
3/4 time 7 to 8 credit hours
Full-time 9 or more credit hours
NOTE: These enrollment standard(s) are applied to the award period, which includes related sessions, terms and/or semesters. For example, all session(s) offered after the end of the Spring semester and before the start of the Fall semester are considered part of the Summer award period for financial aid purposes.

Students enrolling for non-traditional sessions or terms should contact Financial Aid for more information about the types of available financial aid and anticipated disbursement dates.

Developmental Credits Over Enrollment Status

How Developmental Credits Affect Your Enrollment Status

Students cannot receive financial aid consideration for more than the equivalent of one year of developmental courses (or 30 semester credits). This limit pertains to courses below the 1000 level. ESL courses do not count towards the developmental cap. Any developmental credit hours attempted after reaching 30 hours will not be counted in the student's enrollment status used in determining financial aid eligibility. For example: Students who have already completed or attempted 30 developmental credit hours, but then enroll for 12 credit hour with three of the hours as developmental credits will only receive financial aid for nine credit hours (three-quarter-time status).

Enrollment Status Over Student Financial Aid

Repeated Coursework Over Student Financial Aid

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