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Academic Fresh Start

Texas residents who apply for admission may seek to enter the institution pursuant to the state’s "academic fresh start" statute, Texas Education Code, §51.931. If the applicant informs Admissions and Recruitment in writing of his or her election under the statute, the institution will not consider academic course credits or grades earned by the applicant 10 or more years prior to the starting date of the semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll. An applicant who makes the election to apply under this statute may not receive any course credits for courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment.

Please remember: Fresh Start is an all or nothing option. Individuals are not able to select which courses to ignore and which courses to count.

Applicants granted Fresh Start cannot use courses taken 10 years or more prior to the new start date:

  • To meet new prerequisite requirements;
  • Be used towards new degree requirements; and
  • Counted in the new Grade Point Average calculations

An applicant who has earned a baccalaureate degree under the "academic fresh start" statute, Texas Education Code, §51.927, will be evaluated on the grade point average of the course of work completed after enrollment under "fresh start" and the other criteria stated herein.

Applicants choosing offered Academic Fresh Start must still complete the admissions process, including providing information on all colleges or universities previously attended and submitting official transcripts directly from all schools attended. The law does not prohibit a public university from applying standard admissions requirements.

Students under the Fresh Start provision must still meet the criteria for the Texas Success Initiative unless they have met one of the exemptions. The Academic Fresh Start provision does not affect Texas Success Initiative exemptions claimed on the basis of college credit earned prior to September 1989.

Once the Right to a Fresh Start is granted the provisions cannot be reversed.

Academic Fresh Start and Financial Aid

Academic Fresh Start clears only an the academic record. When deciding eligibility for financial aid, Financial Aid must still count all prior credits earned.

Students who earned a graduate degree prior to enrolling as an undergraduate under the Academic Fresh Start option will only be eligible for aid available to graduate students.

For additional information about Fresh Start and Financial Assistance, contact us at (956) 882-8277.

Determining Eligibility

Admissions and Recruitment is the final authority on applying or interpreting Texas Education Code §51.931, and Right to an Academic Fresh Start.

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