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The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) has been a member of the University of Texas System since 1991.

The establishment of UTB began in 1991 when the 72th Texas Legislature recognized the need to create a new educational institution to meet the growing demand for university-level opportunities in South Texas. The former branch campus, Pan American at Brownsville, separated from The University of Texas-Pan American, and The University of Texas at Brownsville was created. Shortly after UTB’s establishment, the Legislature allowed an innovative partnership between UTB and the junior college Texas Southmost College. UTB was then inaugurated on Sept. 1, 1991.

UTB has experienced tremendous academic growth since its inception. The institution offers a wide range of programs, from continuing education to undergraduate and graduate degree programs with centers of excellence in science, music, master teaching, language and entrepreneurship. A significant milestone in UTB’s history was the opening of its first facility, the Science, Engineering and Technology Building, in November 1997. Since then, the university has built the Education and Business Complex, the Life and Health Sciences Building, the Casa Bella student housing facility and the Biomedical Research Building. The research that faculty and students conduct in this 66,000-square-foot facility is largely focused on diabetes, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease, which disproportionately affect the population of South Texas and Northern Mexico.

In March 2011, UTB launched a new phase of its evolution as an autonomous institution. The Texas Southmost College District Board of Trustees voted to withdraw TSC from the 20-year partnership agreement. The dissolution of the partnership is scheduled to be completed by no later than August 2015.

The university continues moving forward with a focus on embracing teaching excellence, active inquiry, lifelong learning, rigorous scholarship and research in service to the common good.





  • Gorgas Hall The Science, Engineering and Technology Building opened in November 1997.
  • Our ResacasWe celebrate the preservation of natural wetlands or “resacas.”
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